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2006 User Survey Results

Web Interfaces


SatisfactionAverage Score
Mostly Satisfied 5.50 - 6.49
Significance of Change
significant increase
not significant

Satisfaction with Web Interfaces

7=Very satisfied, 6=Mostly satisfied, 5=Somewhat satisfied, 4=Neutral, 3=Somewhat dissatisfied, 2=Mostly dissatisfied, 1=Very dissatisfied

ItemNum who rated this item as:Total ResponsesAverage ScoreStd. Dev.Change from 2005
WEB: Accuracy of information     1 6 7 79 106 199 6.42 0.75 0.02
WEB: NERSC web site overall (     2 4 8 92 105 211 6.39 0.74 0.10
NIM     3 2 19 76 102 202 6.35 0.81 0.19
On-line help desk 1   1 6 11 41 55 115 6.21 1.02 0.04
WEB: Timeliness of information     1 13 21 69 90 194 6.21 0.92 0.09
WEB: Ease of finding information 1   4 9 33 90 72 209 6.02 0.99 0.09
WEB: Searching     3 13 18 41 35 110 5.84 1.09 0.14


Comments about web interfaces:   14 responses

Suggestions for improvement /difficulties using

Please update the web pages with queue information more frequently. (found by going to -> PDSF -> Batch Stats) should show the SGE batch statistics.

The web site does not document the process for changing passwords clearly.

the site certificate seems to have issues with some browsers

I occasionally come across outdated info. No other significant issues.

Comments about NIM

NIM should allow users to submit a file (pdf, word document, etc.) for allocations requests rather than fill in an online text box that doesn't allow for formatting, editing, figures, special characters, etc.

The NIM interface looks strange in Firefox because of the frames. Perhaps it's time for an upgrade.

I find the NIM interface hard to use; but I haven't spent too mch time learning it which might be the problem. ...

In general the website is OK to good. However, I find the NIM web user interface very poor and non-intuitive.

NIM.nersc has worked very well for me the few times I've needed it.

Comments about searching

Searching for relevant information, e.g. ways to optimize code on different architectures, suitability of numerical algorithms and libraries for solving specific problems, could and should be improved.

... Searching in general hasn't been too useful, but I don't know if that's the search function or missing content.

Sometimes very hard to find out special flags of xlC compiler.

Good website

The web site is really very useful, both for beginners & for advanced people. I am really very impressed.

Good online help desk

Messages left on the online help desk were answered usually within a few hours.