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Publications & Reports

NERSC Annual Reports

NERSC's annual reports highlight the scientific accomplishments of its users and innovations of its staff. Read More »

Science Highlights Presentations

Quarterly highlight slides of recent scientific accomplishments from NERSC users. Read More »

Publications Resulting from the Use of NERSC Resources

About 8,000 scientists report about 2,000 peer-reviewed publications per year powered by the NERSC Center, making it the most scientifically productive supercomputing user facility. Read More »

User Surveys

The annual survey responses provide feedback about every aspect of NERSC's operation, help us judge the quality of our services, give DOE information on how well NERSC is doing, and point us to areas we can improve. Read More »

NERSC Strategic Plan FY2014-2023

The NERSC Strategic Plan for FY2014–2023 is available for download (PDF | 3.2MB). Requested by the DOE Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research as input for ASCR’s long-term planning, the strategic plan discusses NERSC’s mission, goals, science drivers, planned initiatives, and technology strategy, among other… Read More »

NERSC Staff Publications & Presentations

This page displays a bibliography of staff publications and presentations from Jan. 1, 2017 to present. Earlier publications are available in the… Read More »

HPC Requirements Reviews

The user requirements reviews are held to ensure that DOE can meet the scientific needs of the Office of Science and its researchers. Read More »