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NERSC Code of Conduct

The NERSC Code of Conduct recognizes the right we all share to work in an environment characterized by respect, fairness, and inclusion. It incorporates Berkeley Lab's stewardship values to foster a culture where everyone feels safe and welcome to participate. Read More »

Appropriate Use of NERSC Resources

NERSC supports open research intended to be published in open scientific journals. Proprietary research and use of export controlled codes or data is prohibited. Read More »

Allocation Eligibility

A researcher may apply for an allocation of NERSC resources if their research project is funded by the DOE Office of Science, or if their research project is relevant to the mission of one of the six Offices of Science (ASCR, BES, BER, FES, HEP, NP). Read More »

Allocation Management

How to manage the users in your project account (called repository or repo), and what to do if your project runs out of time. Schedule of time decrements for under-utilized allocations. Read More »

Computer Security

NERSC computer security efforts are aimed at protecting NERSC systems and its users' intellectual property from unauthorized access or modification. You can help to keep NERSC more secure by understanding cyber security risks and taking precautions against them. Read More »

Institutional User Agreements

An appropriate use policy form is required of all NERSC users and an additional user agreement may be required if a project is not federally funded or is involved in proprietary research. Read More »

Data Management

NERSC provides its users with the means to store, manage and share their research data products. We provide a variety of storage resources optimized for different phases of the data lifecycle, tools to enable users to manage, protect and control their data; high-speed networks for intra-site and inter-site (ESnet) data transfer; gateways and portals for publishing data for broad consumption; and consulting services to help users craft efficient data management processes for their projects. Read More »

Queue Scheduling

Queue look, wait times, and scheduling policies. Read More »

Usage Charges

How computational and mass storage resources are charged. Read More »

System Status and Outage Notification Policy

Definitions of terms NERSC uses to designate the operating status of its systems. Read More »

Service Levels

Service levels for different NERSC services Read More »

Resiliency Planning

July 17, 2019

This page provides information and resources to help NERSC users plan for and around outages. Read More »