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What the Blank Makes Quantum Dots Blink?

Quantum dots promise an astounding range of applications, if scientists can stop them blinking. » Read More

Meraculous: Deciphering the ‘Book of Life’ With Supercomputers

Novel Berkeley Algorithms and Computational Techniques Speed Up Genome Assembly, from Months to Minutes » Read More

Supernova Hunting with Supercomputers

With help from NERSC supercomputers, astronomers confirm one of two competing theories about the birth of Type Ia supernovae. » Read More

Chombo-Crunch Sinks Its Teeth into Fluid Dynamics

Berkeley Lab researchers are breaking new ground in the modeling of complex flows in energy and oil and gas applications, thanks to a computational fluid dynamics and transport code dubbed “Chombo-Crunch.” » Read More

NERSC, Cray Announce Phase 1 of Cori Supercomputer

Cray XC40 will be first supercomputer installed in new Computational Research and Theory facility. » Read More

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'Bubbles' the Cray-2

In 1985, NERSC was the first to install the Cray-2, then the fastest computer in the world. Today, an iPad has more processing power. The Cray-2 was nicknamed "Bubbles" for its unique cooling system.