NERSCPowering Scientific Discovery for 50 Years

Hunting for 'Cracks' in Physics' Standard Model

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Boosting Carbon-Negative Building Materials

Locking greenhouse gases into building materials could store them safely for many years. Researchers using NERSC resources are advancing the science behind this idea. » Read More

Getting a Peek Into Ice Giants

Scientists are using NERSC's Perlmutter supercomputer to study the interior chemistry of ice giant planets like our solar system's Neptune. » Read More

50 Years of NERSC Firsts

Get the highlights from our last half-century of scientific supercomputing. » Read More

National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center

NERSC is the mission scientific computing facility for the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science, the nation’s single largest supporter of basic research in the physical sciences.

Computing at NERSC

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Some Scientific Computing Now in Progress at NERSC

Project System Nodes Node Hours Used
Energy Exascale Earth System Modeling (E3SM)
 Biological & Environmental Research
 PI: Lai-Yung Ruby Leung, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)
perlmutter 512
Lattice QCD Monte Carlo Calculation of Hadronic Structure and Spectroscopy
 Nuclear Physics
 PI: Keh-Fei Liu, University of Kentucky
perlmutter 256
Particle Dark Matter Across Scales
 High Energy Physics
 PI: Benjamin Safdi, University of California Berkeley
perlmutter 128
Toward exascale computing of electron-phonon couplings for finite-temperature materials design
 Basic Energy Sciences
 PI: Feliciano Giustino, University of Texas at Austin
perlmutter 80
Learning Aerosol-Cloud Interactions Across Scales
 ASCR Leadership Computing Challenge
 PI: Po-Lun Ma, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)
perlmutter 42
Turbulent reconnection in astrophysical plasmas.
 Fusion Energy Sciences
 PI: James Stone, Institute for Advanced Study
perlmutter 32

Did You Know?

We Made a Cameo Appearance in the Original Movie 'Tron'

Close up of keyboard with TRON Key

A Cray-1 supercomputer at the National Magnetic Fusion Energy Computer Center (now known as NERSC) was featured in Disney’s 1982 movie “Tron.”


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