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JGI & NERSC Join Forces to Tackle Biology’s Big Data

Six proposals have been selected to participate in a new partnership between NERSC and DOE Joint Genome Institute, called the FICUS initiative. Researchers will leverage the expertise and capabilities available at the two facilities to explore the wealth of genomic and metagenomic data generated worldwide to accelerate discoveries. » Read More

“Hindcasting” 2013 Colorado Flood

Using NERSC supercomputers, Berkeley Lab researchers “hindcasted” the conditions that led to the Sept. 2013 flooding around Boulder, CO and found that climate change attributed to human activity made the storm much more severe than would otherwise have occurred. » Read More

Cori Powers Next-Generation Seismic Simulations

Record-setting seismic simulations run on NERSC's Cori supercomputer were the subject of two presentations at the 2017 ISC High Performance conference. » Read More

Simulations Pinpoint Defects in Solar Cell Nanostructures

Atomic-level calculations helped ID the root cause of structural defects in nanomaterials used in fabricating solar cells and other devices. » Read More

Rare Supernova Discovery Ushers in New Era for Cosmology

Discovered! The first ever multiply-imaged gravitationally-lensed Type Ia supernova. With more of these events, researchers could measure the universe's expansion rate within four percent accuracy. Berkeley researchers do have a method for finding more. » Read More

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A small sample of massively parallel scientific computing jobs running right now at NERSC.

Project Machine Nodes NERSC Hours Used
Accelerated Climate for Energy
 PI: William D. Collins, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Cori KNL 1,131
Center for Edge Physics Simulation: SciDAC-3 Center
 PI: Choong-Seock Chang, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL)
Cori KNL 1,024
First-Principles Catalyst Design for Environmentally Benign Energy Production
 PI: Manos Mavrikakis, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Cori KNL 500

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NERSC supercomputers are being used to help design super quantum computers of the future. Story at