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NERSC Resource Summary

NERSC Computational Systems

System NameSystem TypeProcessor TypeComputational PoolNode InterconnectScratch DiskAvg. Power (KW)
NodesPeak Performance (PFLOPS)Aggregate Memory
Perlmutter HPE Cray EX GPU node: AMD Milan and NVIDIA A100 1,536 CPU: 3.9
GPU: 59.9 (TF32 Tensor: 958.1)
624 TB Slingshot/ Dragonfly 35 PB -
CPU node: AMD Milan - - -
Cori Cray XC40 Intel Haswell 2,388 2.8 298.5 TB Aries/ Dragonfly 28 PB and 1.8 PB Burst Buffer 4,200
Intel KNL 9,688 29.5 1.06 PB

Perlmutter is being installed in two phases. The Phase 1 system, which includes the system's GPU compute nodes, is available for early science campaigns. Phase 2 will add CPU-only nodes later in 2021.

NERSC Data Storage Resources

File SystemTypeMedium
Global Homes IBM Spectrum Scale Disk
Community IBM Spectrum Scale Disk
Common IBM Spectrum Scale Disk + SSD
Perlmutter SCRATCH Lustre SSD
Cori SCRATCH Lustre Disk
Cori Burst Buffer DataWarp SSD
Archive (HPSS) HPSS Tape + Disk

System Overview 2020