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NERSC Resource Summary

NERSC Computational Systems

System Name System Type Processor Type Computational Pool Node Interconnect Scratch Disk Avg. Power (KW)
Nodes Peak Performance (PFLOPS) Aggregate Memory
Perlmutter HPE Cray EX GPU node: AMD Milan and NVIDIA A100 1,536 CPU: 3.9
GPU: 59.9 (TF32 Tensor: 958.1)
624 TB Slingshot/ Dragonfly 35 PB -
CPU node: AMD Milan - - -
Cori (retired) Cray XC40 Intel Haswell 2,388 2.8 298.5 TB Aries/ Dragonfly 28 PB and 1.8 PB Burst Buffer 4,200
Intel KNL 9,688 29.5 1.06 PB

Perlmutter was installed in two phases. Phase 1 included GPU compute nodes. Phase 2 added CPU-only nodes.

NERSC Data Storage Resources

File System Type Medium
Global Homes IBM Spectrum Scale Disk
Community IBM Spectrum Scale Disk
Common IBM Spectrum Scale Disk + SSD
Perlmutter SCRATCH Lustre SSD
Cori SCRATCH (retired) Lustre Disk
Cori Burst Buffer (retired) DataWarp SSD
Archive (HPSS) HPSS Tape + Disk