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Spin is a Containers-as-a-Service (CaaS) platform at NERSC based on Docker container technology. It can be used to deploy web sites and science gateways, workflow managers, databases and key-value stores, and other network services that can access NERSC systems and storage on the back end.

Spin is currently in a production pilot as the NERSC Infrastructure Services Group (ISG) refines the underlying systems and tools.

See Spin in Action

See this video for a presentation about Spin, its capabilities, and examples of services that are currently running there.

This recording is from NERSC New User Training on March 21, 2018.

See this video for a live demonstration of building a service in Spin and performing basic maintenance tasks, such as changing the underlying Docker images and accessing shell prompts and container logs for troubleshooting.

Learn More

Interested in using Spin? The Spin Getting Started Guide is a good place to start, and all Spin documentation is online as well.

For full access to deploy your own services, attend the SpinUp Workshop training program.


Want to reference Spin in your paper, poster, or presentation slides?

We supply the official Spin graphics for print and web media designed for use on light or dark backgrounds and in both horizontal and vertical layouts.