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All services are available.

Planned Outages:

Perlmutter:06/26/24 6:00-06/27/24 18:00 PDT Scheduled Maintenance
Perlmutter unavailable for major upgrades. Login nodes and Perlmutter scratch available starting 6/26 at 18:00. Job submission (e.g. "sbatch") and querying (e.g. "squeue") will be unavailable. No user jobs or scrontabs will run. There may be intermittent disruptions to login nodes or Perlmutter scratch access once they become accessible.
HPSS Archive (User):06/26/24 9:00-15:00 PDT Scheduled Maintenance
HPSS Archive will remain available during scheduled maintenance. Some tape file retrievals may be delayed during the maintenance window.
Data Transfer Nodes:06/26/24 9:00-12:00 PDT Scheduled Maintenance
This will affect globus and interactive DTN nodes.
Globus:06/26/24 9:00-12:00 PDT Scheduled Maintenance
This will affect globus and interactive DTN nodes.
HPSS Archive (User):07/14/24 19:00-07/19/24 17:00 PDT Scheduled Maintenance
HPSS Archive upgrade from V7.4 to V9.3. the main HPSS environment, Archive, will be shutdown from 7 pm (Pacific Time) on July 14 till 5 pm on July 19, 2024, while a new version of the system is deployed. During this 5 days period, it will not be possible to store or retrieve data into or from the system. Users are strongly encouraged to plan accordingly.
Perlmutter:07/17/24 6:00-20:00 PDT Scheduled Maintenance
Perlmutter:08/27/24 6:00-20:00 PDT Scheduled Maintenance
Perlmutter:09/18/24 6:00-20:00 PDT Scheduled Maintenance
Perlmutter:10/16/24 6:00-20:00 PDT Scheduled Maintenance
Perlmutter:11/13/24 6:00-20:00 PST Scheduled Maintenance
Perlmutter:12/18/24 6:00-20:00 PST Scheduled Maintenance

Past 24 Hour Outages:

No Outages in Past 24 Hours

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