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Email Lists

When you get a NERSC user account, an email alias is created for you of the form is an email alias that will forward mail to your delivery email address.

The Iris accounting interface will display your delivery address under the Details tab. Please keep your contact information in Iris up-to-date. Announcements of interest to NERSC's user community are made via email and saved in email archives. NERSC also supports a number of user email lists. NERSC email lists are managed through Google Groups.

NERSC's major lists and their archives are described in the following table. Below the table are brief instructions for subscribing to these lists.

NERSC Email Lists

N - NERSC staff can post to list
X - NUGEX can post to list
A - Any list member can post to list

Email ListSubscriptionsWhat Gets Sent to This List Can subscribe All "down" and "back up" announcements; all regularly scheduled downs that aren't taken. Includes all system and network downs that affect access to NERSC machines. Note that all major downs are sent to the users email list.,N) Automatic; cannot subscribe The executive committee members of the NERSC Users Group use this list to communicate with each other. Automatic; cannot subscribe NERSC project Account Managers and PIs Automatic (all active NERSC users belong). Important announcements of interest to all NERSC users. This list does not include status announcements.,X) Automatic; cannot subscribe NERSC PIs sponsored by NP

Subscribing to Email Lists

Everyone with an active NERSC account is automatically added to the NERSC users email list, and cannot unsubscribe, due to the important nature of the announcements sent to the list.

To subscribe to the NERSC status email list, click on "Apply for Membership" on the google group page.