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Institutional User Agreements

All  users must agree to, and abide by, the NERSC Appropriate Use policies. In addition, an institutional User Agreement between Berkeley Lab and the project's sponsoring organization is required if the project is not federally funded (or is involved in proprietary research, which is permitted under exceptional circumstances and with written permission from the NERSC Director.)

If your project requires an institutional User Agreement with Berkeley Lab, check the list of organizations that have current institutional User Agreements (or have one in the works) shown below. If you do not find your organization there, please contact NERSC Allocations at or through the ticket interface.

User Agreements are valid for up to five years and cover only work done at NERSC. The User Agreement is the document that permits the User and/or the home organization to retain ownership of intellectual property. If a User Agreement is required (see above) and one is not in place, the University of California (as operator of LBNL) will claim first and exclusive rights to any intellectual property conceived or reduced to practice as a result of the use of NERSC facility resources. The User Agreement also defines liability for use of DOE User Facilities.

Project TypeFederally Funded ResearchNature of WorkAppropriate Use Policy AgreementNon-proprietary User AgreementALCC Proprietary User Agreement**
 ERCAP*  Yes Fundamental Research Non-proprietary  Required  N/A  N/A
 ERCAP*  No Fundamental Research Non-proprietary  Required  Required  N/A
 ALCC  Yes Fundamental Research Non-proprietary  Required  N/A  N/A
 ALCC  No Fundamental Research Non-proprietary  Required Required  N/A
ALCC No Industrial Proprietary Required N/A Required
Directors Reserve Yes Fundamental Research Non-proprietary Required N/A N/A
Directors Reserve No Fundamental Research Non-proprietary Required Required N/A

* - ERCAP = standard DOE Mission Science allocation
** - ALCC Proprietary User Agreement, Patent waiver application and addendum.

Institutional User Agreements

List of organizations that have institutional Non-Proprietary User Agreements in place (or process) with Berkeley Lab for use of NERSC resources.

OganizationValid Through
Academia Sinica  
Allen Institute November 25, 2023
Arkansas State University  
Auburn University March 13, 2024
Claflin University  
Cornell University June 20, 2024
Exabyte Inc. March 29, 2025
Florida A&M University March 29, 2025
Florida Southern College April 30, 2023
Georgia Institute of Technology May 6, 2025
Illinois Institute of Technology March 7, 2024
Iowa State University  
Johns Hopkins University  
Kent State University March 7, 2024
LaGuardia Community College March 21, 2023
Massachusetts Institute of Technology November 19, 2023
Michigan State University June 5, 2024
National Institute of Technology, Warangal (India) April 22, 2025
National Research Council (Canada) May 23, 2024
New Jersey Institute of Technology May 5, 2025
North Carolina State University June 15, 2023
North Dakota State University April 30, 2024
Ohio State University  
Peking University  
Princeton University  
Rice University July 9, 2022
SRM Institute of Science and Technology (India) May 13, 2025
Technical University of Darmstadt May 17, 2023
Teraflux Corp. May 23, 2024 
UC Berkeley  
UC Davis  
UC Santa Barbara  
UC Santa Cruz  
University at Buffalo, The State University of New York June 25, 2024
University College London September 30, 2024
University of Alberta April 19, 2021
University of Central Florida  
University of Chicago  
University of Guelph May 2, 2023
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign  
University of Kansas August 7, 2024
University of Minnesota  
University of Nevada Reno March 29, 2025
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill August 14, 2023
University of North Dakota April 30, 2024
University of Oklahoma March 14, 2024
University of Pennsylvania January 13, 2025
University of South Dakota  
University of Sussex June 10, 2024
University of Washington May 5, 2024
University of Wisconsin-Madison November 10, 2024
Wayne State University October 8, 2024
Yale University June 25, 2024