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2006 User Survey Results




SatisfactionAverage Score
Mostly Satisfied 5.50 - 6.49
ImportanceAverage Score
Very Important 2.50 - 3.00
Somewhat Important 1.50 - 2.49
Significance of Change
not significant


Satisfaction with Training

7=Very satisfied, 6=Mostly satisfied, 5=Somewhat satisfied, 4=Neutral, 3=Somewhat dissatisfied, 2=Mostly dissatisfied, 1=Very dissatisfied

ItemNum who rated this item as:Total ResponsesAverage ScoreStd. Dev.Change from 2005
New User's Guide       3 6 53 49 111 6.33 0.70 -0.04
Web tutorials       4 10 44 31 89 6.15 0.79 -0.07
NERSC classes: in-person       4 2 3 9 18 5.94 1.26 -0.18
Live classes on the web       5 1 9 6 21 5.76 1.14 0.04


How Important are these Training Methods?

3=Very important, 2=Somewhat important, 1=Not important

MethodNum who rated this item as:Total ResponsesAverage ScoreStd. Dev.
New User's Guide 1 25 69 95 2.72 0.48
Web tutorials 5 27 59 91 2.59 0.60
Live classes on the web 7 13 12 32 2.16 0.77
NERSC classes: in-person 11 11 34 95 2.03 0.83


What Training Methods should NERSC Offer?

Web documentation 124
Web tutorials on specific topics 114
Live web broadcasts with teleconference audio 26
Live classes at LBNL 20
In-person classes at your site 20
Live classes on the web 13


Comments about Training:   10 responses


A web tutorial on parallel debugging would be v. useful.

I hope NERSC can provide some traveling support for my students to attend the traing on-site.

More training on 3D visualization software and how to include user-developed modules for AVS Express and/or Visit. An easy step-by-step web tutorial would be great.

It would be good ot have all past classes available as MPEG downloads if feasible (maybe you do already...?)


I mostly use the PDSF-FAQ, Ganglia pages for PDSF (to see if a server is down if I cannot reach it) and support request form. These all are fine.

I attended the ACTS workshop in 2005 and found to be very useful and well organized.

Don't need / Other

In general, I think my capabilities were pretty good before I started using NERSC facilities. So in general, I haven't needed too much in the way of training facilities. That's why I don't find the training services particularly useful. I'm sure they are useful for people who need them.

I don't use training.

Being in Ohio, my group takes courses offered by OSC. I have offered to send them to NERSC training. None have felt it necessary. I don't know if any have used online tutorials. OSC does a good job for our general education. Once they have that they can find it on the web.

The last question is tough to answer. This is a resource issue. For example I may not telecommunicate because I do not have the inherent capability...