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P -wave π π scattering and the ρ resonance from lattice QCD


Water conservation benefits of urban heat mitigation

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nature17970 f1

Near-atomic resolution visualization of human transcription promoter opening

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TOC fig liu

Two-Dimensional Halide Perovskites: Tuning Electronic Activities of Defects

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apl 108 14 cover

Gallium vacancy complexes as a cause of Shockley-Read-Hall recombination in IIInitride light emitters

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Performance of silicon pixel detectors at small track incidence angles for the ATLAS Inner Tracker upgrade

Energy level alignment of self-assembled linear chains of benzenediamine on Au(111) from first principles

Structural and excited-state properties of oligoacene crystals from first principles

Darmon Cover 02 02 2016 Chem Science 2015 cover page

Increasing the rate of hydrogen oxidation without increasing the overpotential: a bio-inspired iron molecular electrocatalyst with an outer coordination sphere proton relay

Steinke Nature 02 01 2016

Multistage coupling of independent laser-plasma accelerators

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Brennan ChemComm 01 12 2016

Molecular Titanium-Hydroxamate Complexes as Models for TiO2 Surface Binding

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clark jpcc 01 05 2016

Orientation of Cyano-Substituted Bipyridine Re(I) fac - Tricarbonyl Electrocatalysts Bound to Conducting Au Surfaces

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arce ramos 01 04 2016

Nature of Acid Sites in Silica-Supported Zirconium Oxide: A Combined Experimental and Periodic DFT Study

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Experimental and Theoretical Insights into the Hydrogen-Efficient Direct Hydrodeoxygenation Mechanism of Phenol over Ru/TiO2

strubbe 01 04 2106

Stress effects on the Raman spectrum of an amorphous material: theory and experiment on a-Si:H

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Ultrafast Photo-induced Interfacial Proton Coupled Electron Transfer from CdSe Quantum Dots to 4,4'-bipyridine

Distal substitutions drive divergent DNA specificity among paralogous transcription factors through subdivision of conformational space


Antibiogram, Biochemical Reactions and Biotyping of Biofield Treated Providencia rettgeri

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Leveraging Internet Background Radiation for Opportunistic Network Analysis

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cs 2015 01976b 0010

Mechanism of Manganese-Catalyzed Oxygen Evolution from Experimental and Theoretical Analyses of 18O Kinetic Isotope Effects

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Manganese-Based Molecular Electrocatalysts for Oxidation of Hydrogen


W-boson production in association with a jet at next-to-next-to-leading order in perturbative QCD

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Casper: An Asynchronous Progress Model for MPI RMA on Many-Core Architectures

Measurement and Analysis of Electron Cloud Induced Emittance Growth at CesrTA

Oxidation of Graphene-Edge Six- and Five-Member Rings by Molecular Oxygen

Rate coefficients and product branching ratios for the oxidation of phenyl and naphthyl radicals: A theoretical RRKM-ME study

Investigation into electron cloud effects in the International Linear Collider positron damping ring