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Math & Computer Science

Many NERSC users are directly involved in research into new languages, programming models, algorithms, systems software and cyberinfrastructure for leading-edge science applications.  This pioneering work is especially important given the multicore/manycore revolution that is taking place within the computing industry. Efforts are designed to simultaneously address usability for mainstream NERSC users and state-of-the-art exascale computing technologies.  Representative examples of such investigations include:

Math of Popping Bubbles in a Foam

May 9, 2013 | Tags: Hopper, Math & Computer Science

Researchers have described mathematically the complex evolution and disappearance of foamy bubbles, a feat that could help in modeling industrial processes. Applying these equations, they used NERSC supercomputers to create visualizations showing the disappearance of wobbly foams one burst bubble at a time. Read More »


Parallel I/O Software Infrastructure for Large-Scale Systems

Modern parallel computers solving increasingly large, data-intensive problems require scalable end-to-end high-performance I/O software. Read More »


NERSC / Cray Center of Excellence

The NERSC/Cray “Programming Models Center of Excellence” combines Berkeley Lab strength in advanced programming models, multicore tuning, and application benchmarking with Cray strength in advanced programming models, optimizing compilers, and benchmarking. Read More »


The Manycore Revolution and Parallel Software

The primary objective here is to make high end machines easier to use and to enable the most efficient mechanism for communication and sharing. Read More »