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2005 User Survey Results

Web Interfaces


SatisfactionAverage Score
Mostly Satisfied 5.50 - 6.49
Significance of Change
not significant

Satisfaction with Web Interfaces

7=Very satisfied, 6=Mostly satisfied, 5=Somewhat satisfied, 4=Neutral, 3=Somewhat dissatisfied, 2=Mostly dissatisfied, 1=Very dissatisfied

ItemNum who rated this item as:Total ResponsesAverage ScoreStd. Dev.Change from 2004
Accuracy of information   1 1 2 10 57 82 153 6.40 0.81 -0.01
NERSC web site overall (     3 5 9 69 76 162 6.30 0.86 -0.02
On-line help desk 1   2 6 9 26 47 91 6.16 1.16 0.00
NIM   2 1 11 14 48 69 145 6.15 1.07 -0.09
Timeliness of information   2 1 6 17 65 58 149 6.12 0.97 -0.05
Ease of finding information   2 8 6 20 70 53 159 5.93 1.13 0.04
Searching   2 3 10 11 26 25 77 5.70 1.30 0.07


Comments about web interfaces:   8 responses is useful for allocation status

The NIM account website is too cluttered and as a PI it is difficult to find out information about the users. I have to relearn my way every time I use the NIM web pages.

I still find the NIM interface for getting history of personal usage a bit clunky. I doubt the GOOGLE people would rate it as an A+ in user friendliness.

NERSC response: Granted. Given our resources we have emphasized functionality over interface design. We try to make improvement where we can. Specific suggestions are always welcome.

Would be nice to have a single password for NIM and seaborg.

NERSC response: NERSC is moving toward single-password authentication; many computational systems and NIM share a password. The version of LDAP, which is the authentication mechanism NERSC uses for this, is not supported by AIX 5.2 on Seaborg. NERSC is weighing costs and benefits associated with implementing a custom solution to align Seaborg with the other systems.

A lot of important information is buried in the FAQ. Finding it requires knowing the right search keywords. It would be nicer if the information was better organized somehow. [PDSF user]

Need to check faqs for dead links. I tried to look how to back up on HPSS and hit a lot of dead ends. [PDSF user]

NERSC response: NERSC does not currently have resources to devote to better FAQs maintenance. We are exploring the possibility of having user-maintained FAQs or user-helping-user BB systems.

I find web site cumbersome. If you can't find what button to click in 5 seconds per page the page is too cluttered

typing in things you know are there in the documentation somewhere does not turn up the document, and it can be difficult to find the appropriate document.