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2001 User Survey Results

User Services



SatisfactionAverage Score
Very Satisfied 6.5 - 7
Mostly Satisfied 5.5 - 6.4
Significance of Change
not significant


Satisfaction with User Services:


TopicNo. of
 Std. Dev.Change
from 2000
Timely response 155 6.56 0.81 -0.07
Account Support services 158 6.53 0.89 0.00
Technical advice 151 6.46 0.81 -0.03
Followup to initial questions 125 6.37 1.00 -0.05
Response to special requests 113 6.23 1.10 0.07




Comments about Consulting and Account Support:   24 responses


15   Good service
4   Improve follow-up / speed of response
1   Mixed evaluation




Good service:

  Mostly NERSC consulting and Account support stands head and shoulders above that of the other Supercomputer Centers.

keep them happy, both pay and workplace environment-wise!

What a great group! Everyone should get a week in Hawaii!

The consultants are outstanding. I have computed at many centers, and the NERSC consultants are the best. They are very knowledgeable and very responsive.

Great team of consultants at NERSC!!

Best of any of the centers I have used

Your consultants have been great. They had the patience to go sift through my nasty old code.

Surprisingly good and patient responsiveness to users.

These professionals are doing excellent! Sincerest thanks and heartiests congratulations on excellent job done.  

I had some teething problems regarding how to use killeen and the mass storage system when I first opened my account. The NERSC support people helped me in an efficient and timely manner.

This service - primarily the consulting service - has been absolutely invaluable and top notch. Thank you very much. For 20 years this has been outstanding help.

The quality of your consulting and account services has always been and continues to be extremely good.

very good

The support is great

I have had nothing but good experiences with consulting and support staffs.  


Improve follow-up / speed of response:

I know, most of our questions don't have an easy answer and usually require some serious work and testing. They can be easily put on the back burner when more serious day to day problems arise. However, it would be nice to know once in a while that these questions are still being worked on without us having to harass the consultants (although the users themselves usually forget the original question that they asked...).

I work in a large collaboration (STAR). It has happened that a week or more has passed between a new request for a STAR-related account (new user) and the granting of this request. Seems to me that this could be sped up, though in general it is not a big deal.

All of the problems I've encountered were eventually resolved thank to the consultants, but not always quickly.

Account support service is a little busy.

I'm very satisfied overall with the user services, though sometimes there is a little lag between requesting an account an getting it started.  


Mixed evaluation:

Not always the most friendly people, but always helpful and responsive.    



Can not change HPSS password, except by telephone!

Abolish inode quotas!!!

The unwillingness of the administrators to remove the 8-hour real time limit on gseaborg is highly unreasonable. Let users use their CPU time as they please in order to do their job.