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1999 User Survey Results



Very Satisfied 7 Very Useful 3
Mostly Satisfied 6 Somewhat Useful 2
Somewhat Satisfied 5 Not Useful 1
Neutral 4  
Somewhat Dissatisfied 3
Mostly Dissatisfied 2
Very Dissatisfied 1


Overall Satisfaction and Usefulness

TopicNo. who have usedSatisfactionUsefulness
No. of ResponsesAvg.No. of ResponsesAvg.
Classes 18 21 6.19 21 2.48
Online web tutorials 36 40 6.17 34 2.68
Class slides on web 19 22 5.95 22 2.45
Teleconference lectures 7 9 5.78 13 1.77
Streaming AV on web 8 10 5.70 14 1.93



Comments about training. In what area should we focus our attention? - 11 responses


  •   5:    Provide concise web documentation and online tutorials

    Easily accessible, concise information.

    Regarding online information, I prefer "cookbook recipes" rather than discourses.

    Brief documents for every command and option, plus examples.

    Training is excellent for getting started. Please keep the number of mouse klicks small if one just wants to refresh one's memory concerning a command or important number (->"I have read this once, but where is this page...")

    I've been happy with the on-line tutorials and NERSC specific documentation. It should be a high priority to maintain them. It also might be useful to provide PDF files with tables of contents and page numbers of the longer tutorials because they are more useful as printed reference materials.


  •   2:    Provide web-based training

    I have not used any of these classes in the recent past. I occasionally download some slides if I need to look into some particular issue.

    web training .. I usually cannot go to classes .. I live in Ohio.


  •   1:    Provide classroom training

    Off-site training held at major centers around the nation (ORNL,BNL,etc.) would make it easier to learn about the most efficient ways to utilize the NERSC resources.


  •   1:    Need SP training

    We'll need training soon concerning the IBM-SP


  •   1:    Continue as before

    Continue as before.


  •   1:    Don't use

    Haven't had a chance to use