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NUG Webinar July 10, 2014

July 10, 2014
Date: Thursday, July 10
Time: 11:00 PDT 

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  • Programming environment problems following the recent Edison update.
  • Announcement of new user training event.
  • Report on Joint Facilities User Forum on Data-Intensive Computing held last month
  • Web updates: New MyNERSC and User Announcements RSS feed
  • Moving your Carver workload to Edison
  • NESAP evaluations underway

Mini Tutorial: Babbage: the Intel Many Integrated Core (MIC) Testbed System at NERSC

Babbage is the Intel Xeon Phi MIC test system at NERSC, which can be used to help prepare user applications for the next generation NERSC production system named Cori.

In this talk, we will give an overview of Babbage.  Topics to be covered include: the MIC architecture and programming considerations; system configuration and programming environment; how to compile and run; some tips and examples of tuning kernels and application performance.