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NUG Executive Committee (NUGEX)

 NUGEX is the voice of the user community to NERSC and DOE. While all NUG events are open to all NERSC users, NUGEX members regularly participate in the monthly teleconferences and the annual face-to-face meeting. NUGEX is consulted on many NERSC policy issues, e.g., batch configurations, disk quotas, services and training offerings.  Members of NUGEX also help evaluate nominations for the NERSC Achievement Awards and submissions to the NERSC High Impact Science at Scale program. There are three representatives from each office and three members-at-large.

NUGEX members serve for three year terms.

Call for Nominations

NUGEX is seeking candidates from projects associated with the following DOE Office of Science Offices

OfficeNumber of Open Positions
ASCR (Advanced Scientific Computing) 1
BER (Biological and Environmental Research) 1
BES (Basic Energy Sciences) 2
FES (Fusion Energy Sciences) 0
HEP (High Energy Physics) 0
NP (Nuclear Physics) 1
At-Large (Any NERSC user is eligible) 2



Current Members

Email Address
DOE OfficeTerm ExpiresPI's Project Title
Milan Curcic University of Miami
ASCR Now Quantification of Uncertainty in Extreme Scale Computations
Jeff Hammond Intel Inc.
Dec 2019 Massively Parallel Coupled Cluster Methods
Brian Van Straalen Berkeley Lab
Dec 2019 Chombo-Crunch: Advanced Simulation of Subsurface Flow and Reactive Transport Processes Associated with Carbon Sequestration
Samson Hagos PNNL
BER Dec 2019 Environmental Effects in the Lifecycle of Convective Clouds
Gary Strand NCAR
Now Climate Change Simulations with CESM: Moderate and High Resolution Studies
David Wong U.S. EPA
Dec 2019 Evaluation of the Interactions Among Tropospheric Aerosol Loading, Radiative Balance, Clouds, and Precipitation
Eric Bylaska PNNL
BES Now Actinide Oxidation States
Monojoy Goswami Oak Ridge
Now Computational Resources for the Interpretation of Neutron Scattering Data from the Spallation Neutron Source and HFIR
Paul Kent Oak Ridge
Dec 2019 Nanomaterials Theory Institute at the Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences
Christopher Holland UC-San Diego
FES Dec 2020 Development and Validation of Plasma Turbulence Models
Nathan Howard MIT

Dec 2019 Development and Validation of Plasma Turbulence Models
Orso Meneghini General Atomics
Dec 2020 Integrated Modeling and Development of Reduced Models with Machine Learning
James Amundson Fermilab
HEP Dec 2020 Community Project for Accelerator Science and Simulation 4 (ComPASS4)
Weiming An UCLA
Dec 2020 Continuing Studies of Plasma Based Accelerators
Zarija Lukic Berkeley Lab
Dec 2020 Large-Scale Structure of the Universe
Balint Joo Jefferson Lab
NP Dec 2020 Resonance Properties in the Decay Signatures of Exotic Mesons from Quantum Chromodynamics
David J. Tedeschi Berkeley Lab
Dec 2020 The Majorana Demonstrator - A Search for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay
Michael Zingale Stony Brook University
Now Three-dimensional Studies of Convection in X-ray Bursts
Carlo Benedetti Berkeley Lab
At Large Now Simulation of Laser-Plasma Particle Accelerators
David Hatch University of Texas, Austin
Now Gyrokinetic Turbulence and Transport: From Basic Understanding to Truly Predictive Capability
Pieter Maris Iowa State University
Dec 2020 Structure and Reactions of Hadrons and Nuclei