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NUGEX Positions - Now accepting nominations

We are currently seeking volunteers and nominations for NUGEX - if you would like to participate, or to nominate a potential NUGEX member, please fill in and submit the form at

The Executive Committee (NUGEX) of the NERSC User’s Group (NUG) is a group of NERSC users who oversee NUG activities for the benefit of NERSC’s user community of over 8,000 researchers across all scientific domains of the DOE Office of Science.

NUGEX will meet regularly (up to 1 hour per month), with NERSC staff, for activities such as:

  • Identifying HPC needs from NERSC users & scientific communities
  • Identifying training needs for NERSC users
  • Providing topics or activities related to the NUG annual meeting
  • Coordinating activities at meetings and conferences where NERSC users and/or NERSC staff contributions would be valuable
  • Proposing and scheduling monthly NUG user meeting topics
  • Receiving updates from NERSC on important topics