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NERSC Initiative for Scientific Exploration (NISE) 2010 Awards

Beam Delivery System Optimization of Next Generation X-Ray Light Sources

Ji Qiang, Robert Ryne, and Xiaoye Li, Berkeley Lab

Associated NERSC Project: Frontiers in Accelerator Design: Advanced Modeling for Next-Generation BES Accelerators (m669), Principal Investigator: Robert Ryne

NISE Award: 1,000,000 Hours
Award Date: April 2010

Next generation x-ray light sources provide coherent X-ray beams with unprecedent brightness and intensity. The performance of these light sources depends heavily on the quality of the electron beam coming out of the accelerator beam delivery system. In this study, we will make use the high performance computing power at NERSC to optimize the design of such a beam delivery system. We will explore and implement two-level parallelism in our parallel beam dynamics simulation codes; this will allow us to take advantage of the large number of cores at NERSC for accelerator design through parallel parameter scans and parallel optimization. We will also explore mixing parallel programming paradigm with both MPI and OpenMP to take advantage of the Cray XT multicore architecture. Such a hybrid paradigm will help to improve the parallel performance for the beam dynamics simulation.

The local loop part of IMPACT code (such as external map kicks for all local particles) will be suitable for mixed MPI-OpenMP. That means we do MPI for each node, then we do OpenMP for the 4 cores on each node using 4 threads for local loop.

The research could lower the cost/risk and optimize the performance of electron beams for future high brightness coherent X-ray light sources.