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User Accounts (Logins)

Acknowledge NERSC

Please acknowledge in your publications the role NERSC facilities played in your research. Acknowledgment and prepublication notification help the center communicate the importance of its role in science to its funding agency. Read More »

How to get a NERSC user account

In order to use the NERSC facilities you need your own NERSC username and you also must be a member of a project that has a NERSC award. Read More »


A user is given a username (also known as a login name) and associated password that permits them to access NERSC resources. This username/password pair may be used by a single individual only: passwords must not be shared with any other person. Passwords must meet rigorous selection criteria. If you forget your password, you can reset it. Read More »

Managing Your User Account

This page explains what you need to know to customize your user account to meet your needs and to keep it up-to-date. Read More »

How usage is charged

How computational and mass storage resources are charged. Read More »

Account Policies

There are a number of policies which apply to NERSC users. These policies originate from a number of sources, such as DOE regulations and DOE and NERSC management. Read More »

Collaboration Accounts

Overview Most NERSC login accounts are associated with specific individuals and must not be shared. Sometimes it is advantageous to have a login account which is not tied to a person but instead to the group for the purposes of shared access to batch jobs or data. Collaboration Accounts are designed to facilitate collaborative computing by allowing multiple users to use the same account.  All actions performed by the Collaboration Account are traceable back to the individual who… Read More »

NERSC Computer Security

NERSC computer security efforts are aimed at protecting NERSC systems and its users' intellectual property from unauthorized access or modification. You can help to keep NERSC more secure by understanding cyber security risks and taking precautions against them. Read More »