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NERSC Allocations: for Principal Investigators and Account Managers

Allocations Overview and Eligibility

A researcher may apply for an allocation of NERSC resources if their research project is funded by the DOE Office of Science, or if their research project is relevant to the mission of one of the six Offices of Science (ASCR, BES, BER, FES, HEP, NP). Read More »

Apply for Your First NERSC Allocation

This page describes the steps you need to take to become a new NERSC Principal Investigator and apply for your first NERSC allocation. Read More »

The NERSC Allocation Request Form (ERCAP)

Requests to use NERSC resources are submitted annually via a web form known as the ERCAP (Energy Research Computing Allocations Process) Request Form. ERCAP is accessed through the NERSC Information Management (NIM) web interface and is available year-round. Read More »

2018 Call for Proposals to use NERSC Resources

The 2017 Call for Proposals to use NERSC Resources opens August 9, 2016, and closes September 19, 2016. Read More »

Allocation Proposal (ERCAP) Application Deadlines

While the majority of awards are made once a year, the ERCAP process is open year-round. Startup projects, which are awarded by NERSC, may be submitted at any time. Read More »

Requesting an Increase in Allocation

If your project runs out of MPP time the project PI or its proxies may request additional time by sending an email to the DOE Allocations Manager responsible for NERSC Allocations in your DOE Science Office and Program. Your DOE Office and Program are displayed in the Project Information tab in NIM's Repository display area. To see this information, type your repo name in the Quick Search box in NIM's upper right corner. For contact information for DOE Allocations Managers see: DOE Science… Read More »

Quarterly Allocation Reductions

MPP (or computational) repositories that haven't used significant amounts of time are adjusted at certain times by transferring a part of the unused balance to the corresponding DOE Office reserve. Read More »

Managing Your Allocation and Your Users

How to manage the users in your project account (called repository or repo), and what to do if your project runs out of time. Read More »

Department of Energy Science Offices, Programs and Allocation Managers

The NERSC Center is overseen by the DOE NERSC Program Manager, Dave Goodwin, assisted by the DOE Allocation Managers in each of the six offices. The DOE Allocation Managers are responsible for managing the NERSC allocations. Read More »

NESAP Application Process

NERSC Exascale Science Application Program Application Process For information about the NESAP for Data Program, see this announcement. The National Energy Research Scientific Computing (NERSC) Center has completed accepting applications from NERSC users for the NERSC Exascale Science Application Program (NESAP). Through NESAP, NERSC will partner with approximately 20 application teams to help prepare codes for the Cori architecture. A key feature of the Cori system is the Intel Knights Landing… Read More »

2017 Mid-Year Allocations for Cori KNL Nodes

For information about getting an allocation at NERSC, please see… Read More »