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NERSC Initiative for Scientific Exploration (NISE) 2009 Awards

Structure and Dynamics of Premixed Spherical Flames

John Bell, Berkeley Lab

Sponsoring NERSC Project: Interaction of Turbulence and Chemistry in Lean Premixed Laboratory Flames (incite16), Principal Investigator: John Bell, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

NISE Award: 1,225,000 Hours
Award Date: October 2009
Spherical Flames Spherical flames at high pressure exhibit a wide range of surface morphologies including pulsating instabilities, spiral waves and target patterns on the flame surface. The goal of this proposal is to simulate high-pressure hydrogen / air flames at both lean and rich conditions using detailed kinetics and transport in order to capture this type of phenomena computationally. In addition, we want to capture numerically the self-similar acceleration of these types of flames. These simulations are particularly demanding because the flames at high-pressure are extremely thin, which places stringent requirements on resolution. This study is a collaboration with Prof. Ed Law from Princeton University, head of the EFRC for Combustion Science.
Calculated temperature distribution from a simulation of a low-swirl burner. Image courtesy of John Bell, LBNL.