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June 3, 2002, NUG Business Meeting - Agenda

The NUG Business Meeting will take place at Berkeley Lab, in Perseverance Hall (Building 54, Room130), which is the conference room annexed to the Lab's cafeteria.


  8:00   pastries, fruit, juice, coffee, tea

  8:15   Welcome and meeting logistics

  8:30   NERSC Update

          - Implementation of the 5 Year Strategic Proposal

          - System Updates - NERSC-2, NERSC-3, NERSC 4 Procurement, HPSS, etc.

              - Crays to be decommissioned October 2002

          - NUG Queue Committee Update and Progress

  9:15   View from Washington


 10:15   Break


 10:30   NERSC and the Grid: the Unified Science Environment

 11:00   Update on security issues with FTP - PowerPoint Source or HTML

 11:30   Improving Network Performance


 12:00   Lunch


  1:15   Introducing Juan Meza - the new head of NERSC HPC Research Dept - PowerPoint Source or HTML

  1:30   Plans for GUPFS - the Global Unified Parallel File System

  2:00   FY 2003 Allocations - PowerPoint Source or HTML

  2:30   NERSC Center Metrics

  3:00   Off-site Storage Backup Discussion

  3:30   Visualization Update - PowerPoint Source or HTML; there are also three mpeg movies

  3:45   Questions and Comments

  4:00   Adjourn


  6:00   Dinner and NUGEX Business Meeting - Beckett's Restaurant,

         2271 Shattuck Ave (between Bancroft and Kittredge, East side)


June 4, 2002 - NERSC User Training

in conjunction with the

NERSC Users' Group (NUG)

Spring 2002 Business Meeting

NERSC User Services and the Berkeley Lab present a set of lectures for NERSC users at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Oakland Scientific Facility, in conjunction with the Spring 2002 NUG meeting.

Other sites are welcome to join this all-day class. The Virtual Venue will be the Lucky Labrador Room. We will be in the Virtual Venue by 8 AM PDT on the day of the event.

PowerPoint files ARE AVAILABLE NOW for download via the Abstracts Page, and via the links on the agenda items below. Distributed PowerPoint will be used to push the slides during the event. The DPPT Server name will be "" which should resolve to the IP address "". Please check back here periodically for updates.


Tentative Schedule of Lectures by NERSC Staff


Tuesday, June 4:


 8:00 -  8:30 Coffee (Coffee provided)


 8:30 -  9:15 IBM Compiler Optimization Options

              M. Stewart, NERSC User Services Group


 9:15 - 10:00 Performance profiling using hpmcount, poe+ and hpmlib

              R. Gerber, NERSC User Services Group


10:00 - 10:15 Break (Snacks provided)


10:15 - 10:45 SVPablo and the PERC Performance Tool Suite

              Evan Welbourne, NERSC Future Technologies Group


10:45 - 11:15 Scaling Up Parallel I/O on the IBM SP

              D. Skinner, NERSC User Services Group


11:15 - 12:00 Debugging, Reactively and Proactively

              M. Baddourah, NERSC User Services Group


12:00 - 12:45 Lunch (Lunch provided)


12:45 -  1:45 Practicing Safe Computing at NERSC

              S. Lau, NERSC Networking and Security Group


 1:45 -  2:30 File and Data Conversion

              J. Carter, NERSC User Services Group


 2:30 -  3:00 Scaling Up MPI Applications

              D. Skinner, NERSC User Services Group


 3:00 -  3:15 Break (Snacks provided)


 3:15 -  4:00 A Report on the ACTS Toolkit

              O. Marques, NERSC Scientific Computing Group


 4:00 -  4:15 NERSC Software Roadmap

              D. Skinner, NERSC User Services Group


 4:15 -  5:00 ACTS Tools - Case Studies with User Codes

              O. Marques, NERSC Scientific Computing Group

June 5, 2002 - Visualization Requirements Workshop

Visualization Requirements for DOE-Sponsored Computational Science and Engineering Applications

The workshop will begin in the Perseverance Hall, located in Building 54, Room 103. Breakfast and lunch are in the LBL Cafeteria, which is also located in Building 54. After lunch, we reconvene in Perserverance Hall, then divide into breakout groups. Locations of the breakout rooms will be announced on the day of the meeting. We will reconvene after the breakout sessions in Perseverance Hall.


7:00-8:00: Breakfast. Provided by the workshop organizers in the Perseverance Hall, located in Building 54, Room 103 (same room as the workshop).

8:00-8:30: Horst Simon (LBNL/NERSC) and Bernd Hamann (LBNL/NERSC). Opening remarks, state objectives of workshop.

8:30-9:30 Talks - Session 1: Computational High Energy Physics and Fusion (B. Hamann, Chair)

Bruce Cohen, LLNL (Numerical Tokomak Turbulence)

Linda Sugiyama, MIT (Macroscopic MHD)

Rob Ryne, LBNL (for Kwok Ko, SLAC), (Accelerator Design)

9:30-10:10 Talks - Session 2: Computational Astrophysics (B. Hamann, Chair)

Lin-Wang Wang, LBNL/NERSC, Materials Sciences.

Withdrawn Doug Swesty, SUNY-SB with input from Tony Mezzacappa, ORNL (TeraScale Simulations of Neutrino-driven Supernovae and their Nucleosynthesis)

John Shalf, LBNL (for Ed Seidel, AEI) (Black Hole Merger Simulations)

10:10-10:30: Break.

10:30-11:10 Talks - Session 3: Computational Biology and Chemistry (B. Hamann, Chair)

Daniel Rokhsar, LBNL (Computational Analysis of Genomic Sequence Data)

Jacqueline Chen, Sandia-CA

11:10-12:10 Talks - Session 4: Computational Climate, Combustion, Earth and Materials Sciences (B. Hamann, Chair)

Mathew Maltrud, LANL (High Resolution Global Coupled Ocean Sea/Ice Modeling)

Gary Sposito, LBNL/UC Berkeley (Clay Mineral Surface Geochemistry)

John Bell, LBNL/NERSC (Applied Partial Differential Equations)

12:10-13:30: Lunch (on your own at the LBL Cafeteria)

13:30-13:45: Reconvene in Perseverance Hall, Assignments for Breakout Groups (B. Hamann, Chair)

13:45-15:00: Breakout sessions

15:00-15:20: Break, Snacks at Perseverance Hall

15:20-16:50: Summarize findings of breakout groups (B. Hamann, Chair)

16:50-17:00: Workshop summary and conclusion. (H. Simon or W. Bethel)