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NUG 2000

Dates June 5-7, 2000

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

1 Bethel Valley Road

Oak Ridge, TN 37831


NUG Meeting: June 5-6, 2000 Garden Plaza Hotel, Oak Ridge, TN The next NERSC User Group meeting will be held in Oak Ridge, TN, June 5-7 and will be hosted by Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). See the agenda, below. The meeting will be all day Monday, June 5, and is expected to finish Tuesday, June 6, at lunchtime. Following this business meeting will be a training class on the new IBM SP in conjunction with Users Helping Users (UHU) talks and discussions with the consultants. Additional… Read More »

Notes and Action Items

Report on the NUGEX business meeting of June 6, 2000, in Oak Ridge   Minute notes by Bas Braams First of all, many thanks to the organizers of the preceding NUG meeting: Roberta Boucher, David Dean, Brian Hingerty, Bill Kramer, Donald Spong and Malcolm Stocks. Likewise thanks to Brian Hingerty and Mike Minkoff for organizing the Users Helping Users events, and to Tom DeBoni, Osni Marques, Jeffrey Squyres and David Turner for the NERSC training classes. There were three issues at the NUGEX… Read More »