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Notes and Action Items

Report on the NUGEX business meeting of June 6, 2000, in Oak Ridge


Minute notes by Bas Braams

First of all, many thanks to the organizers of the preceding NUG meeting: Roberta Boucher, David Dean, Brian Hingerty, Bill Kramer, Donald Spong and Malcolm Stocks. Likewise thanks to Brian Hingerty and Mike Minkoff for organizing the Users Helping Users events, and to Tom DeBoni, Osni Marques, Jeffrey Squyres and David Turner for the NERSC training classes.

There were three issues at the NUGEX business meeting.

We were able to add Ricky Kendall to the elections committee, which is then Bas Braams, David Dean, Brian Hingerty, Ricky Kendall, Mike Minkoff and Theresa Windus. Ricky will chair this committee. The elections committee has two responsibilities. One, to nominate a new chair and vice-chair of NUGEX, for election by the whole of NUGEX sometime before or at our next meeting. Two, to prepare a slate of candidates for the next round of elections of one-third of the NUGEX membership by all active NERSC users, which are scheduled to take place in December. Please address any suggestions to Ricky ([email protected]) or to the committee ([email protected]).

We plan to hold our next face-to-face NUG meeting in Berkeley around the end of the year. Our new meetings committee, [email protected], is Bill Kramer, Mike Minkoff, Doug Olson and Malcolm Stocks. They will choose the time (checking with NUGEX for possible conflicts) and will review the format of the next meeting --- probably we want more time for policy discussions, esp. in view of the Greenbook. The meeting will be coupled with Users Helping Users events and NERSC training classes.

The Greenbook committee, [email protected], has two new members: Ricky Kendall and Malcolm Stocks, plus Bill Kramer for NERSC. Also on the committee are Bas Braams, David Dean, Brian Hingerty, Doug Rotman and Robert Ryne. We expect to take advantage of NERSC's annual report and of the community's contributions to the proposed Strategic Simulation Initiative and the Scientific Discovery through Advanced Computing Initiative for much of the descriptive material in the Greenbook. The committee will prepare an outline or draft document for discussion among NUGEX and NUG well in advance of our Berkeley meeting.