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NUG Meeting June 3-5, 2002

Dates June 3-5, 2002
Location NERSC's Oakland Scientific Facility
415 20th St.
Oakland CA, 94612


June 3, 2002, NUG Business Meeting - Agenda The NUG Business Meeting will take place at Berkeley Lab, in Perseverance Hall (Building 54, Room130), which is the conference room annexed to the Lab's cafeteria.     8:00   pastries, fruit, juice, coffee, tea   8:15   Welcome and meeting logistics   8:30   NERSC Update           - Implementation of the 5 Year Strategic Proposal           - System Updates - NERSC-2, NERSC-3, NERSC 4 Procurement, HPSS, etc.    … Read More »

Attendee List

  Name Phone Email Monday Tuesday Wednesday Joonhee An 510-495-2990 [email protected] X X X Alan Aspuru-Guzik 510-652-1671 [email protected]   X   Polly Baker 317-278-8150 [email protected]     X John Bell 510-486-5391 [email protected]     X Wes Bethel 510-486-7353 [email protected] X   X Mark Brewer 510-666-0263 [email protected]   X   Greg Butler 510-486-8691 [email protected]Read More »

Notes for Visualization Requirememnts

    Notes from June 5, 2002, Visualization Requirements for DOE-Sponsored Computational Science and Engineering Applications A DOE Workshop to Be Held 
at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory,
Berkeley, California, June 5, 2002 Workshop Co-organizers: Bernd Hamann 
University of California-Davis Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. E. Wes Bethel 
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. Horst D. Simon
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.     Rationale In 2001, the DoE Office of Science embarked on… Read More »