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NUG Meeting June 3-5, 2002

Dates June 3-5, 2002
Location NERSC's Oakland Scientific Facility
415 20th St.
Oakland CA, 94612


June 3, 2002, NUG Business Meeting - Agenda The NUG Business Meeting will take place at Berkeley Lab, in Perseverance Hall (Building 54, Room130), which is the conference room annexed to the Lab's cafeteria.     8:00   pastries, fruit, juice, coffee, tea   8:15   Welcome and meeting logistics   8:30   NERSC Update           - Implementation of the 5 Year Strategic Proposal           - System Updates - NERSC-2, NERSC-3, NERSC 4 Procurement, HPSS, etc.    … Read More »

Attendee List

  Name Phone Email Monday Tuesday Wednesday Joonhee An 510-495-2990 X X X Alan Aspuru-Guzik 510-652-1671   X   Polly Baker 317-278-8150     X John Bell 510-486-5391     X Wes Bethel 510-486-7353 X   X Mark Brewer 510-666-0263   X   Greg Butler 510-486-8691 … Read More »

Notes for Visualization Requirememnts

    Notes from June 5, 2002, Visualization Requirements for DOE-Sponsored Computational Science and Engineering Applications A DOE Workshop to Be Held 
at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory,
Berkeley, California, June 5, 2002 Workshop Co-organizers: Bernd Hamann 
University of California-Davis Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. E. Wes Bethel 
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. Horst D. Simon
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.     Rationale In 2001, the DoE Office of… Read More »