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Gabor Torok

Gabor Torok
Gabor Torok
Sr Computer Systems Engineer
Infrastructure Services
National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center
Fax: (510) 486-4340
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
1 Cyclotron Road
Mailstop 59R4010A
Berkeley, CA 94720 us

Biographical Sketch

Gabor has decades of experience building, maintaining and debugging large-scale web applications. He started his career at Berkeley Lab in the 1990-s. A few years later, he worked as a back-end and fullstack software engineer for various start-ups and larger companies. After about 20 years in the private sector, he is now working for NERSC and couldn't be more excited to use his experience to make computing for science run smoother.

Gabor's recent contributions are Iris, the NERSC banking and account management system, as well as the Superfacility API which allows for programmatic access to NERSC resources.

Conference Papers

Deborah J. Bard, Mark R. Day, Bjoern Enders, Rebecca J. Hartman–Baker, John Riney III, Cory Snavely, Gabor Torok, "Automation for Data-Driven Research with the NERSC Superfacility API", Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer International Publishing, 2021, 333, doi: 10.1007/978-3-030-90539-2_22

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Gabor Torok, Mark R. Day, Rebecca J. Hartman-Baker, Cory Snavely, "Iris: allocation banking and identity and access management for the exascale era", SC '20: Proceedings of the International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis, November 2020, 42:1-11, doi: 10.5555/3433701.3433756