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Computational Systems

The Computational Systems Group is responsible for developing and managing NERSC's computational infrastructure. Their responsibilities include assessing and developing hardware and software, as well as overseeing the installation and configuration of new systems.

Doug Jacobsen

Douglas Jacobsen , Ph.D.

Senior Computing Engineer
(510) 495-2886 |

Ershaad Basheer

HPC Systems Engineer

James Botts , Ph.D

HPC Systems Engineer
(510) 486-6149 |
DSC 9642

Aditi Gaur

HPC Systems Engineer

David Lee Paul

HPC Systems Engineer
(510) 495-2883 (voice mail only) |

Eric Roman

HPC Systems Engineer
(510) 486-6420 |
Chirs Samuel

Chris Samuel

HPC Systems Engineer

Jay Srinivasan Ph.D.

Project Director
(510) 495-2942 |