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Daniel Fulton

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Daniel Fulton
Scientific Data Architect
Data & Analytics Services
1 Cyclotron Road, Mailstop: 59R4010A
Berkeley, CA 94720

Biographical Sketch

Daniel Fulton first became a NERSC user in 2010, as a graduate student at the University of California, Irvine, where his research on plasma microturbulence in fusion reactors required high performance computing.  After earning his PhD in Physics in 2015, he continued his plasma computation research as a scientist at Tri Alpha Energy (now TAE Technologies).  In 2018, Daniel made a leap to the Future innovation team at Adidas, where he developed software tools to aid in the engineering and design of 3D printed footwear components.  He also introduced and deployed JupyterHub to Adidas Future. Daniel returned to NERSC in 2021, joining the Data & Analytics Services team as a Scientific Data Architect, with an ambition to bring lessons from private sector innovation to back to benefit the scientific research community. 

Research Interests

Containerization for portable and reproducible scientific analysis, CI/CD, User Experience applied to data and analytics tools, Jupyter.

Selected Publications

CK Lau, DP Fulton, J Bao, Z Lin, S Dettrick, M Binderbauer, T Tajima, L Schmitz. "Electrostatic quasi-neutral formulation of global cross-separatrix particle simulation in field-reversed configuration geometry." Physics of Plasmas 27 (8), 082504 (2020).

H Gota, MW Binderbauer, T Tajima, S Putvinski, et al. "Formation of hot, stable, long-lived field-reversed configuration plasmas on the C-2W device" Nuclear Fusion 59 (11), 112009 (2019).

L Schmitz, DP Fulton, E Ruskov, C Lau, BH Deng, T Tajima, MW Binderbauer, I Holod, Z Lin, H Gota, M Tuszewski, SA Dettrick, LC Steinhauer. "Suppressed ion-scale turbulence in a hot high-β plasma."  Nature communications 7 (1), 1-11 (2016). 

DP Fulton, CK Lau, L Schmitz, I Holod, Z Lin, T Tajima, MW Binderbauer, TAE Team. "Gyrokinetic simulation of driftwave instability in field-reversed configuration." Physics of Plasmas 23 (5), 056111 (2016).

DP Fulton, CK Lau, I Holod, Z Lin, S Dettrick. "Gyrokinetic particle simulation of a field reversed configuration." Physics of Plasmas 23, 012509 (2016).

DP Fulton, Z Lin, I Holod, Y Xiao. "Microturbulence in DIII-D tokamak pedestal. I. Electrostatic instabilities." Physics of Plasmas 21 (4), 042110 (2014).

RJ Groebner, CS Chang, JW Hughes, R Maingi, et al. "Improved understanding of physics processes in pedestal structure, leading to improved predictive capability for ITER." Nuclear Fusion 53 (9), 093024 (2013).

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