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Data & Analytics Services

The DAS team is responsible for the Data software portfolio on NERSC systems. The team evaluates and installs technology solutions in the areas of Data Analytics, Management, Workflows, Transfer, Portals/Gateways and Visualization. The team works closely with DSEG in engaging science user communities across the DOE complex.  


Wahid Bhimji

Group Lead (Acting)

Shane Canon

Project Engineer
(510) 486-7024 |
Lisa Gerhardt headshot

Lisa Gerhardt

Big Data Architect
(510) 486-4680 |

Annette M. Greiner

Web Application Developer
(510) 495-2935 |
Quincey Koziol

Quincey Koziol

Principal Data Architect
(510) 486-6734 |

Rollin Thomas

Big Data Architect
(510) 486-4697 |
XBD201703 00049008

Mustafa Mustafa

Machine Learning Engineer
Karthik Kashinath

Karthik Kashinath

Computer Scientist/Engineer
(530) 400-2667 |

Steven Farrell Ph.D.

Machine Learning Engineer
tonglin li

Tonglin (Tony) Li Ph.D.

Computer system engineer
(510) 486-6689 |
laurie cori

Laurie Stephey

Data Analytics Engineer