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Chris Harris

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Chris Harris
Scientific Data Architect
Data & Analytics Services

Chris Harris is a scientific data architect in the Data and Analytics Services Group at NERSC. He develops software to support HPC applications and workflows, focusing on experimental data analysis. Before joining NERSC, he spent 11 years at Kitware, Inc. developing open-source software for science in a range of problem domains, from electron microscopy to climate science. He is an active member of several open-source communities, including being a lead developer of the Tomviz project. His passion is enabling open, reproducible science through the development of high-quality open source software.

Journal Articles

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Conference Papers

Chris Harris, Patrick O Leary, Michael Grauer, Aashish Chaudhary, Chris Kotfila, Robert O Bara, "Dynamic Provisioning and Execution of HPC Workflows Using Python", 2016 6th Workshop on Python for High-Performance and Scientific Computing (PyHPC), 2015, 1-8, doi: 10.1109/PyHPC.2016.005

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Chris Harris, Reproducible quantum chemistry in Jupyter, jupytercon, August 23, 2018,