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Stephen Simms

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Stephen Simms

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Stephen Simms is a member of the Advanced Technologies Group at NERSC.  His work is focused on the exploration and evaluation of computational storage solutions. Before joining NERSC, Simms spent over 20 years working in High Performance Computing at Indiana University.  He founded and managed Indiana University’s High Performance File Systems group. He led two successful bandwidth challenge teams and pioneered the use of the Lustre file system across wide area networks.  During that time, he served as project manager for and co-investigator on the NSF funded Data Capacitor project.  Later, he served as TeraGrid site-lead for Indiana University.  Simms has been an active member of the Lustre community, serving as the OpenSFS community board member for several years, eventually helping rewrite the organization’s bylaws to better reflect the needs of the broader user community.

Journal Articles

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Conference Papers

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