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Data Day 2022

October 26, 2022

Slides and Recordings

You can find all slides as well as tutorial materials on the Data Day 2022 github page.  Slides are also linked below in the Downloads section.  Video recordings coming soon.


NERSC is rebooting its data-centric training, Data Day, as a hybrid two-day event on October 26-27, 2022.  Join us for talks, tutorials, and hands on hacking designed to get you up and running with the latest and greatest data-focused tools for scientific computing on Perlmutter.

This event is geared towards HPC users of all experience levels, but will focus on intermediate and advanced topics which will help data workloads run performantly at scale on Perlmutter.  First time HPC users may want to attend or review our recent New User Training before attending Data Day.  We strongly encourage attendance from Graduate Students, Postdocs and others who have an active role in development.  With the announcement of Cori's approaching retirement in January 2023, users migrating their data applications from Cori to Perlmutter are also highly encouraged to join. 

Morning sessions will include advanced tutorials on topics such as python, containers, workflow tools, data transfer  and more, as well as lightning talks from users on the latest data applications at NERSC.  All participants are encouraged to submit a brief lightning talk!  Participants will have access to NERSC experts and the opportunity to implement tools in their workloads in afternoon hacking sessions.


The event agenda is below:

Date Start Time (PDT) Topic Speaker
Oct 26 10:30 AM Introduction to Data Day (slides)  
  10:40 AM Evolution of Data Services for Science Wahid Bhimji
  11:00 AM I/O Profiling on Perlmutter with Darshan Alberto Chiusole & Jean Luca Bez
  12:00 PM Lunch Break  
  1:00 PM Containers-as-a-Service: Spin Cory Snavely
  1:30 PM Workflows: Pegasus Workflow Manager Nicholas Tyler
  2:00 PM Superfacility API Bjoern Enders
  2:30 PM Hacking session  
  4:30 PM End  
Oct 27 10:30 AM Containers for HPC: Shifter and Podman Daniel Fulton
  11:00 AM Scaling Python Applications Daniel Margala
  11:30 AM Julia Johannes Blaschke
  12:00 PM Lunch Break  
  1:00 PM Data Visualization: Altair Demo Annette Greiner
  1:30 PM Deep Learning at Scale on Perlmutter Steven Farrell
  2:00 PM Python on GPUs: JAX Nestor Demeure
  2:30 PM Hacking session  
  4:30 PM End  


This event has already taken place and registration is closed.

Presentation Materials