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The NERSC Allocation Request Form (ERCAP)

Project Description Tab

Project Summary

Please provide a succinct description of your project that is suitable for the general public. This description should emphasize what the project expects to accomplish and the significance of the work.

You can include a long technical project description as a PDF document to upload in question 12.2. This should include parallel scaling and performance information for one or more of your codes if you are requesting 5 million hours or more.

Accomplishments Summary

Summarize in non-technical terms the accomplishments made by this project using NERSC resources in the previous year. Explain why your results are important and how the use of NERSC resources allowed you to meet your research objectives.

You can include a long technical  description of your project's accomplishemnts as a PDF document to upload in question 13.2.

Refereed Publications

List all refereed publications in the last 12 months based on research using NERSC resources. You may include publications that are accepted, in press, or published in journals but not publications in preparation. Please indicate if your article was highlighted on a journal cover.

Enter in the order authors, title, journal.

Please do not dump information from latex into this area!  Ideally you will enter all information as plain text.

Other Publications

Here you may include publications that have been submutted but not yet published, as well as non refereed publications.