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The NERSC Allocation Request Form (ERCAP)

ERCAP error messages

If you enter invalid data into a text box, ERCAP will detect the error situation when you click the Save button. You will see the following red error message on top of the tabs:

FOUND ERRORS ! Please scroll down to correct.
This form cannot be saved until errors are corrected.

You should scroll down until you find another red error message adjacent to the text box that contains the invalid data. Correct the error and click the Save button again. Your work cannot be saved until you have corrected the error.

A common error is entering more than 4,000 characters into a text box. In that case you would see the error message:

*Entered value too long

Correct your error and try saving your answers again by clicking the Save button.

If you try to Finish your request without first validating your user list (this applies to renewals only) you will see the following message:

Please validate your user list before submitting your request. Request has been saved, but not submitted.