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Notes for Greenbook Process


W. Kramer's Flip Charts - Input from the attendees on the Greenbook

NUG Meeting

February 22-23, 2001

The following are notes transcribed from the flip charts Bill filled in with attendee comments.

Topic: The Last Greenbook


•               1 Person wrote it

•               Difficult to extract requirements

•               Needed to be "more even" tech edited

•               Latex is not immediately compatible with web-based text

•               Too complex for non-involved

•               Target audience not clear



•               Person did good putting it together

•               Person in charge

•               NERSC support

•               Technical to Technical worked well

•               Told complete story

•               Where we are

•               Where we go

•               Helped with GAO

•               Covered everything


Topic: This Greenbook

•               Leverage SciDAC this time

•               VERY BIG

•               Don't duplicate annual report info

•               Was not clear on priorities

•               A lot time to have unified view


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