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Notes and Action Items

ERSUG Action Items from June 1996 meeting at Germantown, MD

  1. Get DOE staff on mailers for broadcast of ERSUG issues
    Responsibility: Kendall and Kitchens
  2. Review and comment on ERSUG Proposal to SAC
    Responsibility: All of ERSUG
    • Comments to Rick Kendall by July 17th
    • email:
    • Fax : (509) 375-6631
  3. Review and comment on Requirements Document "Greenbook"
    Responsibility: All of ERSUG
    • Comments to Rick Kendall by August 7th
    • email:
    • Fax : (509) 375-6631
  4. Form a joint DCCC/ERSUG Working Group
    Responsibility: Bas Braams and Gerald Potter

  5. Vote on Name Change:
    Energy Research Supercomputing User Group change to
    Energy Research Scientific computing User Group
    Responsibility: ExERSUG
    Exersug Vote by July 12

  6. Cooperate with NERSC outreach activities
    • Focus Groups
    • Surveys
    • User Input

    Responsibility: ERSUG

  7. User Group to Beta ERCAP system
    Responsibility: User Volunteers
    • Kendall
    • Xantheas
    • Other Volunteers contact Francesca Verdier at NERSC
  8. SubCommittee on Vector Capability
    Responsibility: Steve Jardin/Judy Giarrusso/Nersc Staff
    • C90 going away in 12-18 months
    • How do dusty deck applications transition to other platforms?
    • Should users wait or redesign/port/reimplement now?
    • Actions for SubCommittee
      • Survey of Vector Applications used
      • Identify Kernels that are vector specific.
  9. Form Users Helping Users Group to aid in the transition to MPP systems
    Responsibility: Rick Kendall, Phil Colella, Bas Braams, NERSC Staff

  10. Develop Users Helping Users Rewards
    Responsibility: Rick Kendall, Tom Kitchens, Horst Simon

  11. SubCommittee on Visualization and Graphics Software
    Responsibility: JN Leboeuf, Judy Giarrusso, Steve Jardin, and Steve Lau
    • Determine packages currently used
    • Determine packages available on new resources
    • Develop migration strategy and procedures
  12. Determine names for new resources before they come in.
    Responsibility: ExERSUG
    Theme: Respected Scientists that have contributed to high performance computational science.