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ERSUG: July 11 - 12, 1994 (Rockville, Maryland)

Dates July 11 - 12, 1994

Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza

Rockville, Maryland


ERSUG Meeting July 11-12, 1994 Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza Rockville, MD The Energy Research Supercomputer Users' Group (ERSUG) will meet at the Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza in Rockville, MD on July 11-12, 1994. In the past, this meeting has combined presentations describing work-in-progress at NERSC with lively user discussions in the areas of the services and capabilities provided by NERSC. For this particular meeting, however, the focus will change somewhat. First, more emphasis will be put on… Read More »

ERSUG Meeting July 11 - 12, 1994 Minutes

Summary of ERSUG Meeting July 11 - 12, 1994, Rockville, Maryland The latest Energy Research Supercomputer Users Group (ERSUG) meeting was held in Rockville, Maryland, on July 11 - 12. The focus of the meeting was on realized and projected improvements in the NERSC computing environment. Minutes of the ERSUG meeting are published by Brian Hingerty.   The View from Washington (Tom Kitchens) It's Washington, so let's talk about science support, policies, and organization. Most… Read More »