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Lipi Gupta

Lipi Gupta headshot
Lipi Gupta, Ph.D.
Science Engagement Engineer
Data Science Engagement
One Cyclotron Road
M/S 59R4010A
Berkeley, CA 94720

Biographical Sketch

Lipi defended her Ph. D. in Physics at the University of Chicago in July 2021. She was awarded an Office of Science Graduate Student Research Program award from the US Department of Energy to complete her Ph.D research at the SLAC National Accelerator Lab in Menlo Park, California. At SLAC, Lipi worked on studying how to apply machine learning techniques to improve particle accelerator operation and control. Lipi also has a background in nonlinear beam dynamics, focusing on sextupole magnet resonance elimination, through her research at University of Chicago and research conducted while earning a Bachelor of Arts in Physics with a minor in mathematics at Cornell University.

At the University of Chicago, Lipi was a member and leader of the Women and Gender Minorities in Physics group within the Physics Department since 2015. She also helped found two mentoring programs: The Grad Influences Mentoring Program, for graduate students, and the Physics Mentoring Program for undergraduates. Lipi enjoys participating in STEM outreach activities and works to promote young women and minorities to pursue science careers. Lipi’s current goal is to work on improving the climate within university STEM departments, to make them more supportive and welcoming environments for all students.

At NERSC, Lipi works to help users engage with NERSC staff and with each other to bridge gaps in scientific computing. She is interested in improving the new user experience, as well as helping graduate students make better use of NERSC resources in preparation for their careers.