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Rahulkumar Gayatri

Rahul nersc
Rahulkumar Gayatri, Ph.D.
Application Performance Specialist
Fax: (510) 486-6459
1 Cyclotron Road, Bldg 59, Room 4023J
Mail Stop 59R4010A
Berkeley, CA 94720


Rahulkumar Gayatri got his PhD in the area of parallel programming models from Barcelona Supercomputing Center in March 2015 under the supervision of Dr Rosa Maria Badia and Eduard Ayguade. His thesis work was on synchronization of multiple threads on a multi-core processor. 

Later he worked in the HPC group at Wipro Infotech where he provided parallel programming solutions to clients. As a part of this group he worked with the MOOSE project, which simulates the behavior of a cell in a human brain. He parallelized the linear solvers that simulate the effect of chemical and electrical stimuli given to a cell. 

Research Interests

High-performance computing, Parallel computing, Porting scientific computing applications onto Highly parallel machines. 



  • Rahulkumar Gayatri, Charlene Yang, Thorsten Kurth, Jack Deslippe : A Case Study for Performance Portability using OpenMP 4.5 . WACCPD workshop, 2018
  • Tuomas Koskela, Zakhar Matveev, Rahulkumar Gayatri et al: A Novel Multi-Level Integrated Roofline Model Approach for Performance Characterization. ISC High Performance 2018
  • Rahulkumar Gayatri, Rosa.M.Badia, Eduard Ayguade, Mikel Lujan, Ian WatsonTransactional Access to Shared Memory in StarSs, a Task Based Programming Model. Euro-Par 2012514-525
  • Rahulkumar GayatriRosa.M.BadiaEduard AyguadeLoop level speculation in a task based programming model. HiPc 201339-48
  • Rahulkumar Gayatri, Rosa.M.Badia, Eduard Ayguade : Analysis of the overheads incurred due to speculation in a task based progamming model. Multiprog, 2015. 
  •  TERAFLUX: Harnessing dataflow in next generation teradevices. Microprocessors and Microsystems - Embedded Hardware Design.: 976-990 (2014)




  • Parallelizing Breadth First Search Using CELL Broadband Engine. HiPC(2008)