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Bradley Richardson

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Bradley (Brad) Richardson

Brad has a variety of experience and qualifications related to scientific and engineering software development and maintenance. He has been involved in the development and/or maintenance of multiple, highly-complex, safety-related, legacy Fortran software packages used in the nuclear industry. Brad has also been involved in the development of multiple newer Fortran software packages, making use of modern software development tools and techniques. Most notably are fpm - The Fortran Package Manager and build system, veggies - a Fortran unit testing framework, and rojff - a Fortran interface to the JSON data format.

Brad earned his Master’s Degree in Nuclear Engineering from Missouri University of Science & Technology in 2012. From 2011 to 2020 he worked as a consultant in the Nuclear Power industry. He is a member of the Fortran Standards Committee, and has experience teaching modern scientific software development practices.