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Spin is a container-based platform* at NERSC designed for you to deploy your own science gateways, workflow managers, databases, API endpoints, and other network services to support your scientific projects. Services in Spin are built with Docker containers and can easily access NERSC systems and storage.

Spin is Moving to Kubernetes!

In April, we will begin rolling out a new instance of Spin that uses the popular Kubernetes system internally. This new instance features a web-based user interface, a simpler process for making network services available, an improved Docker image registry, and numerous other enhancements.

The legacy instance of Spin, launched in mid-2018, will continue to operate through late 2020.

Access to the new instance will be rolled out through the SpinUp Workshop program, which will offer full workshops for new users and migration workshops for existing users.

Get Started: Attend a SpinUp Workshop

To use Spin for your own services, first attend a SpinUp Workshop. This hands-on workshop familiarizes you with the necessary concepts, demonstrates tools and techniques, and explains your responsibilities when deploying services at NERSC.

See Spin in Action

See this video for a presentation about Spin, its capabilities, and examples of services that are currently running there.

Note: this recording is from NERSC New User Training on March 21, 2018 and uses the legacy Spin instance. Materials based on the new instance, based on Kubernetes, are under development.

See this video for a live demonstration of building a service in Spin and performing basic maintenance tasks, such as changing the underlying Docker images and accessing shell prompts and container logs for troubleshooting.


Want to reference Spin in your paper, poster, or presentation slides?

We supply the official Spin graphics for print and web media designed for use on light or dark backgrounds and in both horizontal and vertical layouts.

* In cloud terms, a "Containers-as-a-Service (CaaS)" platform.