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Disaster Recovery

NERSC is susceptible to natural disasters, a serious earthquake being one of the most threatening. While this training cannot comprehensively cover issues relating to disaster recovery, a few reminders are useful:

  • Backups, especially offsite backups, are critical to recovery after a disaster. NERSC does not do offsite backups of user data. It is your responsibility to ensure that critical data is stored at a location other than NERSC.
  • After a major disaster, it's likely you won't be able to quickly access the NERSC systems. Plan ahead for record retrieval.
  • Have a plan for communications within your workgroup that establishes how you will communicate with your collaborators after a disaster and gather phone numbers and cell phone numbers, know how to text message using your cell phone, and assume that some or all of the communication channels you normally rely on, including email, will be unavailable.