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Large Scale Computing and Storage Requirements for Nuclear Physics (NP): Target 2017

April 29-30, 2014
Bethesda, MD 


Name Organization Role
Barbara Helland DOE / ASCR Associate Director, ASCR
Ted Barnes DOE / NP Program Manager
David Goodwin DOE / ASCR NERSC Program Manager
Sudip Dosanjh NERSC  NERSC Director
Katie Antypas NERSC Services Department Head
Richard A. Gerber NERSC  Review Organizer, NERSC Senior Science Advisor
Harvey J. Wasserman NERSC Review Organizer 

Domain Scientists

Name Affiliation Area
Rich Carlson DOE / ASCR  SciDAC Collaboratories
Robert Edwards Jefferson Lab Hadronic structure in Lattice QCD
Graham Heyes Jefferson Lab Experimental Nuclear Physics Computing
Raphael Hix ORNL Nuclear Astrophysics
Lisa Gerhardt NERSC NERSC PDSF Computing Consultant; IceCube experiment
Peter Petreczky Brookhaven National Lab hot QCD
Jeff Porter NERSC / LBNL ALICE experiment 
Sofia Quaglioni LLNL ab initio calculations of light nuclei
Martin Savage University of Washington Lattice QCD
Sergey Syritsn RIKEN BNL Research Center  Lattice QCD
James Vary Iowa State University ab-initio nuclear structure theory
Michael Zingale SUNY Stony Brook Nuclear Astrophysics


Name Affiliation Area
Hal Finkel ALCF Catalyst, Assistant Computational Scientist
Hai Ah Nam OLCF Scientific Computing Group; computational nuclear physics
James Osborn ALCF Nuclear & High Energy Physics, Sparse Linear Algebra
Jack Wells OLCF Director of Science for the NCCS at ORNL
George Fai DOE / NP Nuclear Theory Program Manager
Randall Laviolette DOE / ASCR SciDAC Application Partnerships


Front (l to r): Robert Edwards, Peter Petreczky, Jeff Porter, Harvey Wasserman, Sofia Quaglioni, Hai Ah Nam, Katie Antypas, James Vary, Richard Gerber.  Back: Sudip Dosanjh, Martin Savage, Lisa Gerhardt, Hal Finkel, Sergey Syritsn, James Osborn, Raphael Hix, Jack Wells, Graham Heyes, Ted Barnes, Michael Zingale