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Here are papers authored by NERSC users that were featured on the cover of the scientific journal in which they were published.  You can sort according to any of the headings below.

Darmon Chem Science 2015 cover page

Increasing the rate of hydrogen oxidation without increasing the overpotential: a bio-inspired iron molecular electrocatalyst with an outer coordination sphere proton relay

Download Image: Darmon-Chem-Science-2015-cover-page.png | png | 2 MB

Oxidation of hydrogen (H2) to protons and electrons for energy production in fuel cells is currently catalyzed by platinum, but its low abundance and high cost present drawbacks to widespread adoption. Precisely controlled proton removal from the active site is critical in hydrogenase enzymes in nature that catalyze H2 oxidation using earth-abundant metals (iron and nickel). Here we report a synthetic iron complex that serves as a precatalyst for the oxidation of H2. The inclusion of a properly tuned outer coordination sphere proton relay results in a cooperative effect between the primary, secondary and outer coordination spheres for moving protons, increasing the rate of H2 oxidation without increasing the overpotential when compared with the analogous complex featuring a single pendant base. This finding emphasizes the key role of pendant amines in mimicking the functionality of the proton pathway in the hydrogenase enzymes.

Dalt Trans2014 cover page

Mechanistic insights into hydride transfer for catalytic hydrogenation of CO 2 with cobalt complexes

Download Image: Dalt-Trans2014-cover-page.png | png | 1.7 MB

This project is focused on developing catalyst for CO2 hydrogenation in order to reduce the concentration of CO2 gas in the atmosphere as well as to use its hydrogenated product such as formic acid or methanol as C-Neutral energy source. In this work, our group developed a first row transition metal catalyst for hydrogenation of CO2 to formate.

apl 108 14 cover

Gallium vacancy complexes as a cause of Shockley-Read-Hall recombination in IIInitride light emitters

Download Image: apl-108-14-cover.png | png | 2.1 MB

Using state-of-the-art theoretical methods and NERSC resources, researchers in the Materials Department at the University of California Santa Barbara have identified a class of point defects that act as sites for nonradiative recombination and can explain the observed reduction in efficiency of nitride-based light emitting diodes (LEDs). These devices are increasingly widely used, not just for blue and green light emission, but in combination with phosphors also as white light emitters for general lighting applications.

Journ Mat Chem A Hwang

Enhancement of oxygen reduction reaction activities by Pt nanoclusters decorated on ordered mesoporous porphyrinic carbons

Download Image: Journ-Mat-Chem-A-Hwang.png | png | 2.1 MB
pccp galli cover

Planarity and multiple components promote organic photovoltaic efficiency by improving electronic transport

Download Image: pccp-galli-cover.png | png | 1.9 MB
MMS GRL Cover Published cassak

The effects of turbulence on three-dimensional magnetic reconnection at the magnetopause

Download Image: MMS-GRL-Cover-Published-cassak.png | png | 1.4 MB

A New Mechanism for Gravitational-Wave Emission in Core-Collapse Supernovae

Download Image: Ott2006.jpg | jpg | 111 KB

Phys. Rev. Lett. » Volume 96 » Issue 20


SSC: A tool for constructing libraries for systematic screening of conformers

Download Image: JCCcover.jpg | jpg | 478 KB

DOI: 10.1002/jcc.21774


Methanol Synthesis from H2 and CO2 on a Mo6S8 Cluster: A Density Functional Study

Download Image: Liu2010.jpg | jpg | 2.1 MB

J. Phys. Chem. A, 2010, 114 (11), pp 3888–3895


Methane Activation and Catalytic Ethylene Formation on Free Au2

Download Image: Uzi2010.png | png | 208 KB

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2010, 49, 980 –983


Effects of co-solvents on peptide hydration water structure and dynamics

Download Image: THG2010-Large.png | png | 510 KB

2010, Vol. 12 (2), pp. 393-405


State-to-state quantum dynamics of the O(3P)+OH(2Π)→H(2S)+O2(3Σg) reaction

Download Image: ZhangCover.png | png | 2.1 MB

J. Chem. Phys. 133, 054302 (2010);


Current Status of the AMOEBA Polarizable Force Field

Download Image: THG-JPC2010.jpg | jpg | 1.6 MB

Comparative Investigation of Benzene Steam Reforming over Spinel Supported Rh and Ir Catalysts

Download Image: ACSCatalysis2013Mei.png | png | 697 KB

First Principles Simulation of the Bonding, Vibrational, and Electronic Properties of the Hydration Shells of the High-Spin Fe3+ Ion in Aqueous Solutions

Download Image: jpcafhv114i005.jpg | jpg | 1.6 MB

2010, Vol. 114 (5), pp. 2189–2200


Minimizing the Formation of Coke and Methane on Co Nanoparticles in Steam Reforming of Biomass-Derived Oxygenates

Download Image: DonghaiMei2013Comm.png | png | 3.8 MB

Computational Investigation of the First Solvation Shell Structure of Interfacial and Bulk Aqueous Chloride and Iodide Ions

Download Image: SotirisCoverJPCBLarge.jpg | jpg | 1.1 MB

2009, Vol. 113 (13), pp. 4141–4146


Molecular and Atomic Hydrogen Interactions with Au−Ir Near-Surface Alloys

Download Image: MavrikakisCoverLarge1.png | png | 150 KB

2009, Vol. 113 (4), pp. 1411–1417


Isomer Energy Differences for the C4H3 and C4H5 Isomers Using Diffusion Monte Carlo

Download Image: coverlarge.gif | gif | 49 KB

2008, Vol. 112 (10), pp. 2065–2068


Atomistic Simulations of Hydrated Nafion and Temperature Effects on Hydronium Ion Mobility

Download Image: DupuisCoverLarge.png | png | 70 KB

2007, Vol. 111 (25), pp. 7234–7244


Computational studies of molecular hydrogen binding affinities: The role of dispersion forces, electrostatics, and orbital interactions

Download Image: MartinHeadGordon.png | png | 934 KB

2006, Vol. 8 (12), pp. 1357-1370


Characterization of Redox States of Ru(OH2)(Q)(tpy)2+ (Q = 3,5-di-tert-butyl-1,2-benzoquinone, tpy = 2,2':6',2''-terpyridine) and Related Species through Experimental and Theoretical Studies

Download Image: 48-10-cover.jpg | jpg | 115 KB

May 2009, Vol. 48 (10), pp. 4372-4383


Selective Nucleation in Porous Media

Download Image: SoftMatter2013Hedges.png | png | 1.7 MB

Atom-by-atom structural and chemical analysis by annular dark-field electron microscopy

Download Image: NatureAtomByAtom.png | png | 77 KB

Nature 464, 571-574 (25 March 2010) | doi:10.1038/nature08879


Atomistic Simulation of Water Percolation and Proton Hopping in Nafion Fuel Cell Membrane

Download Image: DupuisCover2010.png | png | 5.1 MB

Optimizing Nanoporous Materials for Gas Storage

Download Image: Maciej2014Cover.png | png | 2.2 MB

Moving Protons with Pendant Amines: Proton Mobility in a Nickel Catalyst for Oxidation of Hydrogen

Download Image: HydrogenNickel.png | png | 164 KB

Does Nitric Acid Dissociate at the Aqueous Solution Surface?

Download Image: MundyCover.png | png | 288 KB

Dielectric Nanodroplets: Structure, Stability, Thermodynamics, Shape Transitions and Electrocrystallization in Applied Electric Fields

Download Image: LandmanCover2011.png | png | 234 KB

Graphene Moves Toward Applications

Download Image: CEN-Cover.png | png | 986 KB

Hierarchically Porous Graphene as a Lithium-Air Battery Electrode. See also (2011) 11, 5071–5078


Persistent Ion Pairing in Aqueous Hydrochloric Acid

Download Image: MundyJPCB2014.gif | gif | 162 KB

Curvature Effect on the Capacitance of Electric Double Layers at Ionic Liquid/Onion-Like Carbon Interfaces

Download Image: JiangCummingsCoverLarge.gif | gif | 157 KB

Mn monolayer modified Rh for syngas-to-ethanol conversion: a first-principles study

Download Image: De-enJiangNanoscale21Feb2012.png | png | 2 MB

Hydrogen reactivity on highly-hydroxylated TiO2(110) surfaces prepared via carboxylic acid adsorption and photolysis

Download Image: DeskinsCover.png | png | 1.7 MB

Panoramic View of Electrochemical Pseudocapacitor and Organic Solar Cell Research in Molecularly Engineered Energy Materials (MEEM)

Download Image: Ozolins2014JPCC.png | png | 561 KB

Rate-Determining Step in the NOx Reduction Mechanism on BaY Zeolites and the Importance of Long-Range Lattice Effects

Download Image: SchnurrCover2012.gif | gif | 122 KB

Development and Use of an Atomistic CHARMM-Based Forcefield for Peptoid Simulation

Download Image: JCPcover2014.png | png | 4 MB

Electronic structure of aqueous borohydride: a potential hydrogen storage medium

Download Image: SaykallyCover.png | png | 6.9 MB

Solvent effects on the hydrodeoxygenation of propanoic acid over Pd(111) model surfaces

Download Image: HeydenCoverGreenChem.png | png | 953 KB

On the hydration and hydrolysis of carbon dioxide

Download Image: SaykallyChemPhysLettCover.gif | gif | 174 KB

Simulation of Probe Position-Dependent Electron Energy-Loss Fine Structure

Download Image: Microscopy2014.png | png | 106 KB

Growth of equilibrium structures built from a large number of distinct component types

Download Image: WhitlamSoftMatter2014.png | png | 2.2 MB

Ab Initio Characterization of the Electrochemical Stability and Solvation Properties of Condensed-Phase Ethylene Carbonate and Dimethyl Carbonate Mixtures

Download Image: TaylorBCover2015.png | png | 1.2 MB

The halogen analogs of thiolated gold nanoclusters

Download Image: JiangNanoscaleCoverJuly2012.png | png | 1.7 MB

X-Ray absorption spectroscopy of LiBF4 in propylene carbonate: a model lithium ion battery electrolyte

Download Image: SaykallyCoverNov2014.gif | gif | 347 KB

The hydration structure of aqueous carbonic acid from X-ray absorption spectroscopy

Download Image: SaykallyChemPhysLettCoverOct2014.gif | gif | 8.9 KB

Surfactant Aggregates Templated by Lateral Confinement

Download Image: StrioloJPhysChemBApril2015.gif | gif | 172 KB

The Role of Pendant Amines in the Breaking and Forming of Molecular Hydrogen Catalyzed by Nickel Complexes

Download Image: Shentan2012.gif | gif | 141 KB

Similarity-Driven Discovery of Zeolite Materials for Adsorption-Based Separations

Download Image: MaciejCover2012.png | png | 3.4 MB

Molecular Dynamics Simulation study on the Dissolution of Cellulose in Ionic Liquid-Water Mixture

Download Image: JBEIJPCB-2015.png | png | 729 KB

Understanding the Surface Potential of Water

Download Image: MundyCover2011Large.jpg | jpg | 2.6 MB

Mail-Order Metal–Organic Frameworks (MOFs): Designing Isoreticular MOF-5 Analogues Comprising Commercially Available Organic Molecules

Download Image: Haranczyk2013Large.png | png | 1.2 MB

High Catalytic Rates for Hydrogen Production Using Nickel Electrocatalysts with Seven-Membered Cyclic Diphosphine Ligands Containing One Pendant Amine

Download Image: PNNL-JACS-CoverImage2013.png | png | 1.8 MB

Tropical cyclones and permanent El Nino in the early Pliocene epoch

Download Image: NaturePliocene.png | png | 57 KB

Nature 463, 1066-1070 (25 February 2010) |


Regional Climate–Weather Research and Forecasting Model

Download Image: BAMS2012.gif | gif | 201 KB

Independent confirmation of global land warming without the use of station temperatures

Download Image: Compo2013CoverBig.png | png | 1.7 MB

Low-Swirl Combustion: Experiments and Simulations Working Together

Download Image: BellSciDAC.png | png | 28 KB

2010, No. 16, Special Issue 2010, pp. 16


The Effect of Sudden Source Buoyancy Flux Increases on Turbulent Plumes

Download Image: AspdenCover.png | png | 16 KB

10 September 2009, Vol. 635, pp. 137-169


High-Order Algorithms for Compressible Reacting Flow with Complex Chemistry

Download Image: CombustionCover.gif | gif | 130 KB

Seeing Beneath the Surface Using the ASCEM Open Source Computer Model

Download Image: LANLAQ.png | png | 3.2 MB

Common processes drive the thermochemical pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass

Download Image: GreenChem2013.png | png | 2.9 MB

Numerical Simulation of a Laboratory-Scale Turbulent V-Flame

Download Image: VFlamePNAS2005.png | png | 2.6 MB

Magnetic X-Points, Edge Localized Modes, and Stochasticity

Download Image: 176.gif | gif | 706 KB

2010, Vol. 17 (6), 062505


Resolving Velocity Space Dynamics in Continuum Gyrokinetics

Download Image: Dorland2010Cover.png | png | 1.1 MB

2010, Vol. 17 (3), 032106


Reconnecting Magnetic Fields

Download Image: DorlandCover.png | png | 38 KB

September-October 2009, Vol. 97 (5), pp. 392


Large Fields for Smaller Facility Sources

Download Image: SciDAC1.png | png | 28 KB

Summer 2009, Issue 13, pp. 13-21


An Assessment of Full Wave Effects on the Propagation and Absorption of Lower Hybrid Wave

Download Image: Bonoli-Large.png | png | 1.2 MB

2009, Vol. 16 (7), 072502


Simulation of high-power electromagnetic wave heating in the ITER burning plasma

Download Image: 157.gif | gif | 260 KB

July 2008, Vol. 15, 072513


Integrated Simulation of Fusion Plasmas

Download Image: PhysTodayCoverLarge.png | png | 329 KB

February 2005, Vol. 58 (2), pp. 35-40


High-quality electron beams from a laser wakefield accelerator using plasma-channel guiding

Download Image: NatureCoverLarge.png | png | 2.7 MB

30 September 2004, Vol. 431, pp. 541-544


Freely decaying turbulence in two-dimensional electrostatic gyrokinetics

Download Image: DorlandPoP2012.png | png | 2.6 MB

Analysis of shot-to-shot variability in post-disruption runaway electron currents for diverted DIII-D discharges

Download Image: PPCF54-IzzoCover.png | png | 775 KB

Lattice strain effects on CO oxidation on Pt(111)

Download Image: MavrikakisCoverLarge.jpg | jpg | 492 KB

2006, Vol. 8 (29), pp. 3369-3374


New and Efficient Poisson−Boltzmann Solver for Interaction of Multiple Proteins

Download Image: jctccev006i007.jpg | jpg | 3.2 MB

2010, Vol. 6 (7), pp. 2214–2224


Effect of the amyloid β hairpin’s structure on the handedness of helices formed by its aggregates

Download Image: FEBScover.png | png | 281 KB

Dynameomics: A Comprehensive Database of Protein Dynamics

Download Image: Daggett-Large.png | png | 6.5 MB

14 March 2010, Vol. 18 (4), pp. 423-435


Differences in β-strand Populations of Monomeric Aβ40 and Aβ42

Download Image: THGCover2013.jpg | jpg | 1.3 MB

Contrasting Disease and Nondisease Protein Aggregation by Molecular Simulation

Download Image: THG-ACRCoverLarge.png | png | 92 KB

2008, Vol. 41 (8), pp. 1037–1047


Improved Energy Selection of Nativelike Protein Loops from Loop Decoys

Download Image: THG-JCTC-CoverLarge.png | png | 61 KB

2008, Vol. 4 (3), pp. 515–521


Characterization of intact subcellular bodies in whole bacteria by cryo-electron tomography and spectroscopic imaging

Download Image: JofM-July2006.png | png | 260 KB

July 2006, Vol. 223 (1), pp. 40–52


When a domain is not a domain, and why it is important to properly filter proteins in databases

Download Image: DaggettCover.png | png | 3.4 MB

Barrier-free tunneling in a carbon heterojunction transistor

Download Image: Salahuddin2010.png | png | 2.1 MB

Appl. Phys. Lett. 97, 033102 (2010)


Computational challenges for nanostructure solar cells

Download Image: WangCoverLarge.png | png | 643 KB

2009, Vol. 2, pp. 944-955


Salt-specific effects in aqueous dispersions of carbon nanotubes

Download Image: StrioloCover2013SM.png | png | 2.2 MB

Molecular Structure and Dynamics in Thin Water Films at Metal Oxide Surfaces: Magnesium, Aluminum, and Silicon Oxide Surfaces

Download Image: StrioloJPC-C2012.png | png | 840 KB

Growth of Carbon Structures on Stepped (211)Co Surfaces

Download Image: BalbuenaCoverLarge.jpg | jpg | 597 KB

2009, Vol. 113 (35), pp. 15658–15666


Molecular Structure and Dynamics in Thin Water Films at the Silica and Graphite Surfaces

Download Image: 11235coverlarge.jpg | jpg | 91 KB

2008, Vol. 112 (35), pp. 13587–13599


Coexistence of Fluid and Crystalline Phases of Proteins in Photosynthetic Membranes

Download Image: GeisslerCover2013BPJ.png | png | 1.1 MB

Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Evaporation-Induced Nanoparticle Assembly

Download Image: GrestJCP2013.png | png | 1.2 MB

Solar Nanocomposites with Complementary Charge Extraction Pathways for Electrons and Holes: Si Embedded in ZnS

Download Image: GalliPRL2014Lg1.gif | gif | 347 KB

Assembly of responsive-shape coated nanoparticles at water surfaces

Download Image: GrestCoverNanoscale2014.png | png | 7.4 MB

Phase Transitions in Nanoconfined Fluids: The Evidence from Simulation and Theory

Download Image: Cummings2010.png | png | 7.3 MB

Accuracy of Quantum Monte Carlo Methods for Point Defects in Solids

Download Image: Wilkins2011.gif | gif | 276 KB

Visible-Wavelength Polarized Light Emission with Small-Diameter InN Nanowires

Download Image: KioupakisNanoJuly2014.png | png | 633 KB

A Genomic Approach to the Stability, Elastic, and Electronic Properties of the MAX Phases

Download Image: ChingCoverPaper.png | png | 11 MB

Si-Based Earth Abundant Clathrates for Solar Energy Conversion

Download Image: 7-25-14GalliCover.png | png | 3.3 MB

First-Principles Studies on Vacancy-modified Interstitial Diffusion Mechanism of Oxygen in Nickel, Associated with Large-Scale Atomic Simulation Techniques

Download Image: Fang-cover-2014.png | png | 1.9 MB

Mechanistic study of droplets coalescence in Pickering emulsions

Download Image: StrioloSoftMatterCoverOct2012.png | png | 7.5 MB

Characterization of Swift Heavy Ion Irradiation Damage in Ceria

Download Image: JMRCover.png | png | 6 MB

Simulation Insights for Graphene-Based Water Desalination Membranes

Download Image: StrioloLangmuirCover.gif | gif | 190 KB

First-principles theory of acceptors in nitride semiconductors

Download Image: VanDeWalle2015Cover.gif | gif | 279 KB

Electron transport properties of carbon nanotube–graphene contacts

Download Image: VargaCover.jpg | jpg | 226 KB

Mechanical Properties and Electronic Structure of Mullite Phases Using First-Principles Modeling

Download Image: ChingMulliteCover2012.gif | gif | 2.1 MB

Origin of the Variation of Exciton Binding Energy in Semiconductors

Download Image: DvorakCover2013.gif | gif | 61 KB

Magnetic hollow cages with colossal moments

Download Image: PJena2013JCP-Cover.png | png | 2.8 MB

Gyrokinetic particle-in-cell optimization on emerging multi- and manycore platforms

Download Image: OlikerCoverPC2011.png | png | 181 KB



Architectural Simulation for Exascale Hardware/Software Co-design

Download Image: Computer2011.png | png | 7.3 MB

Special Issue on CoDesign for Systems and Applications, Vladimir Getov, Adolfy Hoisie, and Harvey Wasserman, guest editors


The National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center: Forty Years of Supercomputing Leadership

Download Image: CiseCover.jpg | jpg | 627 KB

Special Issue in honor of NERSC's 40th Anniversary


Evidence for High-Energy Extraterrestrial Neutrinos at the IceCube Detector

Download Image: IceCubeScience2013.png | png | 79 KB

Cosmic neutrinos and more: IceCube’s first three years

Download Image: CernCourierCover.gif | gif | 20 KB

First Observation of PeV-Energy Neutrinos with IceCube

Download Image: IceCube2013PRL.png | png | 231 KB