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Quantum for Science day 2022, October 24th

October 24, 2022


NERSC is proud to host the Quantum for Science day. This full day virtual event will offer a broad spectrum of speakers from industry and academia that will cover a wide range of topics in Quantum Information Science (QIS). The program includes a hands-on tutorial on running GPU-accelerated quantum simulations on Perlmutter, covers novel developments in the open-source quantum software stack, and provides a discussion on synergies between HPC centers and quantum vendors. Finally, Quantum for Science day will provide a forum to highlight the novel science results enabled by the QIS@Perlmutter program that awarded more than 250,000 GPU node hours in 2022.

This will be a virtual event with presentations and video links made available shortly. Please join us for this event!

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(All times are PT)

Title Speaker Time
Welcome and Opening Remarks
Richard Gerber (NERSC)  8:30 AM (10 min)
Introduction to Perlmutter system
Jay Srinivasan  8:40 AM (10 min)
Introduction to Quantum @ NERSC Katie Klymko and Daan Camps (NERSC)  8:50 AM (10 min)
Advanced Quantum Testbed (AQT) @ LBL
Kasra Nowrouzi (LBL)  9:00 AM (15 min)
Bridging HPC and Quantum Computing
Panel  9:15 AM (45 min)
Coffee Break   10:00 AM (20 min)
Hamiltonian Simulation via Qubitization using a Tensor Network Quantum Simulator Nathan Fitzpatrick (Quantinuum) 10:20 AM (20 min)
GPU-Accelerated Quantum Circuit Simulations with QCLAB++ Roel Van Beeumen (LBL) 10:40 AM (20 min)
Large-scale Hybrid Quantum Workflows with PennyLane Lee J. O'Riordan (Xanadu) 11:00 AM (20 min)
Quantum Computing Systems and Results for Hybrid Quantum-Classical Algorithms Matt Reagor (Rigetti) 11:20 AM (20 min)
Lunch Break   11:40 AM (40 min)
Simulating quantum systems with Qiskit Dynamics Dan Puzzuoli (IBM) 12:20 PM (20 min)
Parallel GPU Quantum Circuit Simulations on Qiskit Aer Jun Doi (IBM) 12:40 PM (20 min)
Tutorial- Introduction to cuQuantum and QODA
Jin-Sung Kim and Pooja Rao (NVIDIA)  1:00 PM (120 min)
Closing remarks
   3:00 PM (5 min)



Registration is FREE and open to everyone. You need to sign up at this link. Zoom details will be provided to registered participants.

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The members of the organizing committee for Quantum for Science 2022 are (in alphabetical order by last name):

Daan Camps
Katie Kymko
Neil Mehta