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Large Scale Computing and Storage Requirements for Biological and Environmental Research: Target 2017

A Joint ASCR / BER / NERSC Requirements Review

September 11-12, 2012

DOE / NERSC Participants and Organizers

Shane Canon NERSC NERSC Technology Integration Group Lead
Richard Gerber NERSC NERSC User Services (Co-coordinator)
Dave Goodwin DOE / ASCR NERSC Program Manager
Susan Gregurick DOE / BER BER Program Manager
Renu Joseph DOE / BER BER Program Manager
Dorothy Koch DOE / BER BER Program Manager
Yukiko Sekine DOE / ASCR NERSC Program Manager 
Harvey Wasserman NERSC NERSC User Services (Co-coordinator)
Kathy Yelick NERSC Berkeley Lab ALD for Computing Sciences
Sudip Dosanjh NERSC NERSC Director


Domain Scientists

Mohammed AlQuraishi Stanford University Bioscience
David Bader Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Climate
Tom Bettge National Center for Atmospheric Research Climate
Tom Brettin Oak Ridge National Lab Production Informatics
William Collins Berkeley Lab Climate
Gilbert Compo University of Colorado Climate
Robert Egan Joint Genome Institute Genomics
David Goodstein Joint Genome Institute Genomics
Ruby Leung Pacific Northwest National Lab Climate
Stephen Price Los Alamos National Lab Climate
Victor Markowitz Berkeley Lab Genomics
Loukas Petridas Oak Ridge National Lab Bioscience
Christiana Stan Institute of Global Environment and Society (IGES) Geoscience
Jin-Ho Yoon Pacific Northwest National Lab Climate
Timothy Scheibe Pacific Northwest National Lab Environmental Science


 Katie Antypas  NERSC User Services Group Lead
 Jason Hick  NERSC Storage Systems Group Lead
 Jay Srinivasan  NERSC Computer Systems Group Lead