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NERSC HPC Requirements Reviews: Target 2017

NERSC and the Office of Advanced Computational Research held six program requirements reviews with each DOE Office of Science program office from 2012 to 2014 to determine what scientists and their teams need in order to meet DOE mission requirements in 2017. The result of these reviews are the six reports below, which contain requirements for each office, supported by 8-12 individual science case studies.

Summary of High Level Findings

Here is summary of aggregate findings for the six program offices: Basic Energy Sciences (BES), Biological and Environmental Research (BER). High Energy Physics (HEP), Nuclear Physics (NP), Fusion Energy Sciences (FES), and Advanced Computational Science and Research (ASCR). 

Compute and Data Needs for 2017

Scientists and their teams of researchers need the following to meet DOE Office of Science mission goals in 2017.

  • 86 billion hours of compute time, 26 times total usage at NERSC in 2014.
  • 635 petabytes for archival storage, 12 times 2014 usage.
  • 97 PB of shared disk space for project collaborations.

Common Priority Needs Across All Offices

  • Continued exponential increase in computing hours and data storage.
  • Help porting and developing code for next-generation many-core systems.
  • Supported standard software applications, libraries, and tools that work effectively and efficiently.
  • Support for running jobs at all scales, including full-system runs and high-throughput computing.
  • Highly performance, available, stable systems.
  • Support for extreme data analysis.

Program Requirements Reviews

Large Scale Production Computing and Storage Requirements for Biological and Environmental Research: Target 2017

This program requirements review was held September 11-12, 2012. The focus was on climate science, biological sciences, and environmental sciences. Read More » Read More »

Large Scale Production Computing and Storage Requirements for High Energy Physics: Target 2017

This DOE program review was held November 27-28, 2012. The focus was on theoretical and experimental research at three interrelated frontiers of particle physics: Energy, Intensity, and Cosmic. Read More »

Large Scale Production Computing and Storage Requirements for Nuclear Physics: Target 2017

The Nuclear Physics Program Requirements Review was held April 29-30, 2014. Read More »