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Arm debugging and profiling tools tutorial, July 16, 2020

July 16, 2020

The ARM Debugging and Profiling Tools tutorial originally scheduled for Thursday, June 25 has been rescheduled for July 16 due to the extension of the center-wide electrical upgrade and power outage.

NERSC is hosting a half-day training event for debugging and profiling parallel codes with Arm (previously Allinea) tools on Thursday, July 16, 2020.  We will teach and demonstrate how to use Arm's tools:

  • Arm Forge, an integrated environment for debugging (DDT) and profiling (MAP) parallel codes. We will illustrate how Arm DDT can debug applications ranging from a single thread to large scale codes. We will illustrate how you can use Arm MAP to understand the nature of your application's performance through visualization.
  • Performance Reports: We will present some sample Performance Reports to illustrate how the tool benefits a broad range of users, is immediately understandable and guides to a solution.

We will also teach you how the MAP and Performance Reports tools can be used for profiling Python applications for performance optimizations.

If you need help with debugging and profiling your codes, please bring your codes to get help from one of the ARM engineers during the afternoon session.

This event will be presented online only using Zoom. Please see below for remote connection information. 


Time (PDT) Topic Presenters
9:00 am Welcome and Introduction Woo-Sun Yang
9:10 General Introduction to the Arm tools; Remote Client setup Ryan Hulguin
9:20 Arm DDT
  • Real world examples
  • DDT hands-on example that covers the following features:
    • the use of breakpoints and watchpoints
    • the Multi-dimensional array viewer
    • viewing of variables and expressions
    • viewing stack backtraces
    • switching between OpenMP threads
    • gathering instantaneous memory usage information
    • generating a session file for use with offline mode
    • generating an offline report
Ryan Hulguin
9:55 Memory debugging options in DDT & hands-on Ryan Hulguin
10:15 Break  
10:30 Arm Performance Reports & hands-on Ryan Hulguin
10:50 Arm MAP profiler & hands-on Ryan Hulguin
11:30 Demonstration of using Forge for Python code

Ryan Hulguin and Laurie Stephie

12 noon Break & lunch  
12:30 pm Work on your code -- Arm Enginners can work on your code with you  
2:00 pm Adjourn  


Registration is closed.

Training Materials

Available in /global/cfs/cdirs/training/2020/arm-tools on Cori.