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Quantum Information Science @ Perlmutter

In 2022, the Quantum@NERSC team established the QIS@Perlmutter program. The inaugural allocation year awarded more than 250,000 Perlmutter GPU node hours to 16 quantum information science (QIS) projects across the U.S. and beyond and yielded exciting results. In 2023, the QIS@Perlmutter program awarded over 150,000 GPU node hours to 11 new projects resulting in many new scientific publications

QIS@Perlmutter Call for Proposals AY2024

NERSC is seeking project proposals to conduct research using NERSC’s Perlmutter supercomputer in the area of quantum information science (QIS) through its QIS@Perlmutter program. Read More »

QIS@Perlmutter Projects

Since November 2021, NERSC has awarded hundreds of thousands of Perlmutter GPU node hours to quantum information science (QIS) projects. The awards were made available through the NERSC QIS@Perlmutter program, with time allocated from the NERSC Director’s Reserve. Read More »

QIS@Perlmutter Publications

Read published results of QIS@Perlmutter projects. Read More »